NPDC Attendance Challenge

It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sometimes it’s easy to think that your warm, cozy bed is the best place to be before the sun rises. DON’T LET THESE THOUGHTS IN! You know that when you get out of bed and show up to a workout, everything about your day (and life?) gets better.

Whoever says that they’re a morning person is lying, because those people don’t exist. Even if you love mornings, it’s always hard to get up. Always. It’s especially difficult during these chilly months, which is why we created some extra motivation.

We’ve got a little attendance challenge going on for the months of January and February. Show up to workouts, earn points, track them points, and the people with the most points at the end get prizes- it’s as simple as that!

THE RULES: (even fun things need them)

  • For each workout you attend in January and February, you get ONE POINT
  • If you double up on Wednesday and attend the 5:25 and 6:20 workout, you get TWO POINTS for that day
  • If you bring a new recruit to a workout, you get TWO POINTS for that workout
  • Track your points in the spreadsheet here:
  • The honor system applies here, because we trust and love ya’ll so much

At the end of February, the top point earners will win prizes- and trust us, you definitely want these prizes.

Questions? Comments? Co-leader compliments? Hit us up at a workout.


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