Welcome to my Greathouse: Meet Maddie! (DCA)

Maddie runs the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial, where NP works out on Wednesdays
Maddie crushing stairs at Lincoln, where you can find her every Wednesday.

I can’t remember the last workout Maddie Greathouse missed. Either my memory’s poor (possible!) or Maddie doesn’t not just show up. While A+ attendance is in no way a requirement for receiving the Positivity Award, it certainly doesn’t hurt and it’s one of myriad reasons we handed it to Maddie last week. Now, get to know her. You can say hi, too, at Wednesday’s workout. I’m just gonna go ahead and #verbal for her for both 5:25 & 6:20. read more

Guest Blog: The Rankins (DC)

If you’ve been to a workout, you’ve probably seen the Rankin kids. Running around, making friends, smiling, ALWAYS doing the right thing. It’s a little maddening. We asked these stoic heroes to jot down a guest blog on the topic of their choosing. So without further ado, I’ll let Mark and Zoë take it away…

Mark and Zoë Rankin here guest-blogging this week!

Before November Project was even an idea, the Rankins had committed to showing up and respecting the verbal (hugging strangers came much, much later). If there’s one thing our family loves, it’s following through on something crazy we said we would do, that other people might even think is a little stupid. So when NP finally came around, the whole family fit right in.
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Get Out (Washington, D.C.)

Like Chris tumbling backwards and falling deeply into the sunken place, the droll gray skies and bone-chilling temps can have a lot of us feeling as though we’re getting lobotomized throughout the winter (too much? I think not.). Fortunately, like Rod pulling up in the TSA squad car to save Chris, NPDC is here to throw you a lifeline to GET OUT (while you still can). If you haven’t watched Get Out yet, sign up for the Night Run, and then go do that A$AP Rocky. read more

Jas-on more like Jas-GONE (DC)

Uh-oh. It’s 2019 and people are still breaking verbals. In case there’s any confusion, when you tell someone, and that “someone” happens to be Steve Christensen, that you’re going to be at November Project, you best make sure to be at November Project.

Jason, Jason, Jason. What happened, dude?! We understand, people are still trying to get into the groove of the new year, and it can be hard. But in case you haven’t heard, there’s a really good place where all your friends go for accountability (see: NPDC M/W/F workouts). read more

NPDC Attendance Challenge

It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sometimes it’s easy to think that your warm, cozy bed is the best place to be before the sun rises. DON’T LET THESE THOUGHTS IN! You know that when you get out of bed and show up to a workout, everything about your day (and life?) gets better.

Whoever says that they’re a morning person is lying, because those people don’t exist. Even if you love mornings, it’s always hard to get up. Always. It’s especially difficult during these chilly months, which is why we created some extra motivation. read more

2018 Year in Review [DC]

2018. What. A. YEAR!

Just thinking about all that happened, I feel like I’m doing an endless fidget spinner (#NewSpice alert!) — getting dizzier by the minute. We turned five and Steve actually retired; a week later, we welcomed Emma. We saw some community members move away, but also learned boatloads of new names. We ran 156 workouts, but also got social plenty, too (see below). read more

Ron (A)Batcher, man of Abvember (DC)

Four November Project DC tribe members partner on wet concrete outside Audi Field. Each person is stacked on top of the person below them like a plank sandwich. Ron Batcher is on the bottom of the plank pile. The tribe members are smiling and laughing.

I feel guilty for not writing 25,000 words about this guy. After all, he did 25,000 crunches — in one day.

Yes, that is not a typo. In the days leading up to last month, a challenge was posted to the November Project universe — Abvember. The premise was pretty simple: challenge yourself to do at least 10 minutes of planking one day, 10 sets of 10 push-ups the next day, and then 10 sets of 10 crunches the following day. And then repeat the rotation 10 times throughout the month’s 30 days (or however many days you could).
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Let’s talk winter (DC)

There comes a time in every NPer’s life where you’re going to start experiencing urges. Urges to pull the covers up, to stay inside, to not show up, to disappear. Yesterday might have been that day for you. It was COLD, the first feels-freezing day of the season. The group photos — ehh, they were a bit small. Some folks were missing. Those urges… read more

To Togo She Go Goes. Farewell, Christina! (DC)

Christina Stegura is a force of nature, though you might not know that just by looking at her. Sure, she’s tiny, but within that frame is a power and strength that we’ve been lucky to witness and workout with for the past four years. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Christina, know this: she is a selfless and dedicated human, a world traveler, an aspiring acrobat, a committed 5:25 crew member, and an accomplished cross-country cyclist! WHOA. We’re gonna miss all of these things, but we are going to miss your attitude, your spirit, and your willingness to show up, whenever and wherever it was needed.  read more

DC: an unexpected love story (DC)

I was supposed to live in DC for three months. Three months. That’s it. As I come up on my fifth year of living in this lovable swamp we call home, I can’t help but think about why I’m still here.

After college I was lucky enough to score an internship with the Smithsonian Institution, so I packed up my apartment in Seattle and headed east to my Nation’s Capital.
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