Party in the USA

It’s been hot out.  Like stupid hot.  Like run your AC all day hot even though your electric bill is going to be $300 next month. Like taking a shower to cool off from your shower hot.  So waking up early ass o’clock on a holiday to engage in some free fitness was a way better alternative than, say, running a 5k and/or a 10k in 96 degree heat and a million percent humidity (which many of the tribe did this week).

But like zombies in the fog, the tribe walked through the haze of the Providence sunrise to engage in what turned out to be an team competition to celebrate America’s independence – the Colonists vs the Red Coats, if you will.

The battle ensued, East vs West.  The winning side got to pick a punishment movement for the other team – be they push ups, ice skaters, or something else.  But what happened was less about the separate  team.

What happened instead was that the winning team crossed sides.  What happened instead was everyone doing burpees, running extra stairs.  What happened instead was high fives of success, sweaty hugs of joy, celebratory dancing from both sides.

Because ours is not a head to head battle.  Ours is a choice to be somewhere early ass o’clock to embark on some fitness with a community of people who are in it for the same reasons as we are.  We don’t compete against each other.  We raise each other up.

And that’s why free fitness in 90 degree heat before the rest of the world is awake, and doing so on a holiday, makes sense.  Because the party happens when we’re together.  And that’s as cool as any fireworks you’ll see over the next few days. (Except the ones that make smiley faces, because those are DOPE.)


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