Red (White and Blue) Rocks (DEN)

You may be sunburned and up to your eyeballs in hot dogs and baked beans at this point in the day, so I’ll (try to….okay that will rarely happen) be brief. My highlights for today:

  1. I absolutely love it when we work out as one group. I know it doesn’t always work for everyone’s schedules, but seeing the 5:30 and 6:15 folks get to know one another really puts me in a good mood.
  2. There were so. many. NEWBIES! All the new faces mean our tribe is sharing good things (more on that in a second).
  3. Workouts at Red Rocks never get easier. Whether you run or hike the seats, bunny hop up the stairs, or climb the planter boxes, that shit is hard.
  4. What could be a better manifestation of the NP community than a spontaneous tailgate breakfast potluck? Few things make that list, but this one sure as hell does: giving our potluck food away. Emily Guth (whose home tribe is NYC) and about 20 folks are running across the country to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund. They’ve been relying on food donations from grocery stores and restaurants, and she said they were told from the beginning that the 4th of July would be a difficult day to find sustenance. As word of their journey passed around the group, ya’ll immediately stepped up to offer what we had. That act of generosity perfectly illustrates what sets November Project apart. We could just meet up and sweat together twice a week, filling the moments with small talk. But we make a point to look each other in the eye and say “I’m glad you’re here” because community matters. Every Wednesday and Friday, we have this chance to #justshowup and fill the gaps in each other’s lives, in big and small ways.

I am one proud Mom right now.



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