The most challenging challenge in NP (YEG)

The Old96er – a true beast that challenges your fitness and fortitude! The most challenging challenge in the NP Universe! It’s a large claim, I know, but it truly tests everything you’ve got to give!

Everyone’s who’s earned their Old96er tag has got their strategy and tips to share with those who are seeking the badge of honour.

Run up to 60 then double step. Powerwalk up and sprint down…you make up time going down. Take a gel when you’re 1/3 of the way on the first half of the upper bowl. Pace yourself on the lower bowl…finish it between 18-20 minutes…leaves you 20 minutes for each of the upper bowl sections.

All good advice but ultimately it really comes down to pushing through the discomfort and committing to move until time is called. It is the ultimate runner’s high when you reach the bottom step before time is called and it is heartbreaking when you find yourself a few sections from the finish line after giving it your all. Regardless of where you finished today, I am inspired by each of you who chose to show up. For those who earned their Old96er tag – Fuck Yeah! For those of you who started at 5:30 and pushed for 59 grueling minutes finishing somewhere mid-stadium – Fuck Yeah! For those of you who started at 6:00 and challenged yourself to go further than last week – Fuck Yeah! For those of you who served up water, cheered, bounced, moved tarps and shared your positivity – Fuck Yeah!

Some of you might not want to think about this yet because you still feel like puking and have jelly legs but you all have one more opportunity to tackle the beast this light season…August 29th. Lots of time to recover, train, and fuel up for it!

#justshowup 6 AM 

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Monday – Kinsmen Park

Wednesday – NP CANADA 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2

Until next time..SMILE! J

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