Party in the USA

It’s been hot out.  Like stupid hot.  Like run your AC all day hot even though your electric bill is going to be $300 next month. Like taking a shower to cool off from your shower hot.  So waking up early ass o’clock on a holiday to engage in some free fitness was a way better alternative than, say, running a 5k and/or a 10k in 96 degree heat and a million percent humidity (which many of the tribe did this week).

But like zombies in the fog, the tribe walked through the haze of the Providence sunrise to engage in what turned out to be an team competition to celebrate America’s independence – the Colonists vs the Red Coats, if you will. read more

A Lively Experiment (PVD)

Rhode Island is a boomerang state – the type of place where people leave, and then come back. I’m not sure why, but it’s just hard to leave.  I left for a decade, and it pulled me right back in.  But it’s the kind of place that grows on you, even if you’re not from here.  So I’ve decided that for the Providence Tribe’s first blog post, I’m going to splice in some fun facts about this place I call home.   For example – DID YOU KNOW that our fine state was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams on the ideas of religious and political freedom? Right there, you have to love this place. read more