NP-iversary – Guest blog [MTL]

Whaddup y’all, it’s your resident past NP MTL leader and present dancing workout hooligan. LC squared made the grave mistake of asking me to write a guest blog post and I know how much you all missed my rambles that were equal parts wordplay and sappiness so here we go.

This week’s flavour: CELEBRATION!

November 23rd2016 was the very first workout of “Projet Sweat MTL”. 17 pseudo-strangers met up in the wee hours of the morning to unknowingly light a spark.

April 5th2017, after a long winter of pledging, Steve from NP DC visited our city and bestowed upon us the title of November Project Montreal as well as our very own positivity award.

Fast forward through countless high 5s, hugs, bounces, and laughs shared Wednesday after Wednesday to today, 2 years later.

TODAY! We cheered, we happy birthday-ed, we danced, we did push-ups, we ran hills, we did push-ups, we ran hills, we did push-ups, we ran hills (Is there an echo in here? No? Laurent just didn’t think we needed our arms or legs ever again? Cool cool cool cool.)

Wait, so when should we be wearing party hats and celebrating?? 3rd Wednesday in November when we were born or 1st Wednesday in April when we were dubbed an NP? Well, naturally, the answer is BOTH. Okay why? Why are we so special that we get 2 birthday-esque celebrations per year? Hear me out and I shall explain all:

Remember when we worked out in the snow? Remember when you showed up to your first workout and you knew maybe one person, maybe none? Remember when you first looked at those stairs or that hill and thought “Ouf”?

Well, remember when you saw the look on your coworkers’ faces when you said you had worked out outside after the snowstorm? Remember when you greeted 10 people by name at the last workout or went running with a new NP friend? Remember when you realized that you were faster and stronger crushing those hills and stairs than ever before?

Remember how you stuck with something a little weird and a little scary? Remember how by doing that you turned it into something so damn special?

Okay okay, so what does this have to do with this week’s birthday celebration? November might be the anniversary of when we started doing this crazy, amazing thing, but April is when we accomplished a goal. We worked HARD. We sweat through freezing rain, darkness, and deep negative temperatures of the winter. We put in the time and work to create an amazing community. And then on that fateful Wednesday morning, we were rewarded with something extra special and were welcomed into the November Project family. This celebration is BETTER than a birthday. Why? Because we truly EARNED it.

So naturally, LC and Laurent decided to celebrate this victory by torturing us with push-ups and hills and tricking us into thinking we had a good time with party hats.

Okay busted. You got me. I did have a good time. I always have a good time. And that is thanks to you and you, and also you, and don’t forget about you, plus all of you too.

So happy birthday NP Montreal! Thanks for being so heckin’ weird and great that you deserve 2 birthdays every year. Cheers to a million more to come!


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