Earn Your Points (BOS 4.5.19)

Today’s Friday Hills workout was brought to you by teamwork and choose-your-own-adventure. The goal was points. Earn as many points as you can for your team by running hills. Each team had 6 members, and each member could earn 3 points by running a front hill, 2 points for running a set of the Summit Path stairs, and 1 point for running a back hill. Each team had a name and a chalk tally board in the playground park. The competition was furious and the effort was incredible as everyone hustled up and down hills & stairs. Some teams ran all together, aiming for teamwork making the entire experience of the workout. Some teams split up into pairs or 3s, to make sure the effort wasn’t so lonely and to push each other to get up the hills/stairs even faster. And what was super motivating for me, watching everyone and all the teams bust their asses for each other, was how in the last 10 min everyone was NOT saying “oh I’ll stop here…” but instead figuring out which way they could go to get back in time and to keep earning points for their team.

Today was fun. Teams are awesome and ridiculous –those names were great! And even the latecomers, who usually have no idea what we’re doing for the workout anyway, ended up coming up high on points because there were so many of them on the “L8tecomer” team. We love those folks too, even when they’re late! It might be the only day when it pays to be late!

More fun on Monday–where we’ll celebrate opening day for the good old Sox by meeting outside Fenway Pahk–at Lansdowne St. & Brookline Ave. BE HERE at 6:29am on Monday, 4/8.

AND READ ALL ABOUT THE NEXT TWO WEEKS before and during the Boston Marathon in THIS BLOG.

One new addition to the festivities surrounding the Boston Marathon: on Saturday evening, April 13th, there will be an awesome event that is co-hosted by Jaybird, Janji, and Like the Wind. Check out all the details of the event HERE, and if you’re really interested in going–and one of the earliest to sign up, you can get one of the limited number of tickets for the event using this promo code: LTWFREEBIE. This will be a “don’t miss it” event if you love running, running magazines, running clothing, food, art, music, storytelling, or great human beings. And even if you don’t like those things, it’ll still be a fun night. Just sign up!


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