City on Fire (BOS 4.3.19)

It might have been raining this morning, but it’s getting hot in here. We’re setting fire to the rain…because we’re starting up the most exciting couple of weeks in Boston all year long.

In less than two weeks, the Boston Marathon will be run from Hopkinton to the finish line on Boylston St. in the back bay…and the entire 26.2 mile route will be lined with thousands and thousands of spectators, fans, friends, family, volunteers, and enthusiasts who will be cheering on the roughly 30,000 runners that day. Marathon Monday is huge and it’s important to remind you that every workout between now and then is building the hype for that amazing day.

Today we had #grassrootsgear tagging, to be sure that everyone has fresh, sweet November Project gear to be running, volunteering, and spectating in for the marathon. We will very likely have another tagging session next Wed, during the 6:30am group, for those who missed out on today.

On Friday (4/5) we’re running hills on Summit Ave, which is maybe the only hill as long as (and steeper than) Heartbreak Hill–that famous section of the marathon course. If you want to feel like a true Boston runner, Friday is a great day to show up. And next week on Friday (4/12)–that’s where everyone who’s flooding into town to race in the marathon will be showing up. So many amazing humans from other NP tribes will be in Boston and while they’re trying to ease their nerves and get a couple last shake-out runs in before the big day, they’ll come run some easy hills, or walk and soak up all the incredible pre-marathon vibes that our city has to offer.

This coming Monday, April 8, we’ll celebrate the other most-important Boston holiday–Opening Day for the Red Sox, by meeting for our #destinationdeck workout just outside of Fenway Park (corner of Lansdowne St. & Brookline Ave.) and make some history of our own by taking over the street at 6:29am.

Saturday morning, April 13, the BAA (who also runs the marathon) is running the 5k from Boston Common through the back bay and down Boylston St. through the finish line of the marathon, back to the Common. There will be lots of NP runners racing in the 5k–both those who will be racing the marathon on Monday too, and others who are taking part in the running festivities in the city. You don’t have to be running that race to JUST SHOW UP and cheer on NP runners and everyone else who dares to take on the BAA 5k. It’s like a fun way to take part in and give back to the city that we love so much. Wear some NP Grassroots Gear. Or wear a great costume. Make a funny sign to motivate the runners. Or just be loud and almost obnoxious but be really fun and supportive of every single person on the course. It’s an incredible experience and worth it to show up.

Photos from Mile 18—November Project cheer station—at the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Saturday evening (starting at 6:30pm), there will be an awesome event that is co-hosted by Jaybird, Janji, and Like the Wind. Check out all the details of the event HERE, and if you’re really interested in going–and one of the earliest to sign up, you can get one of the limited number of tickets for the event using this promo code: LTWFREEBIE

And Monday–April 15th–MARATHON MONDAY will have an incredible series of events for everyone to take part in. 6:29am we will have our “normal” monday workout, held right near Cleveland Circle. (We know the park we usually use is totally under construction. We’ll be meeting across the street at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at this meetup spot.) This is a convenient spot for everyone to meet up for some free fitness before grabbing a quick breakfast and heading out to somewhere on the Marathon course to volunteer or spectate like the positivity-radiating kindness-spreading humans we all are. Tons and tons of NP-ers are volunteering at the mile 18 Hydration Station, and we couldn’t be prouder of the intense and awesome vibe that the volunteers there put out year after year.

And everyone, I mean everyone who isn’t a volunteer at the Hydration Station, should #justshowup to the CHEER STATION at mile 18. It’s in Newton (see the map photo above). If you’re not sure where to go–post about it in NP Boston Social (FB group) and link up with other people who are going. It will be like a party to play in all day long as we HYPE the hell out of the runners who are juuuuuust about to hit the wall. It’s no joke–people from around the world know to “stay left at mile 18” because November Project will turn your life around right there. Yelling, screaming, dancing, cheering, bell-ringing, drum-pounding, fist-pumping…and more. It’ll all be happening. So when someone asks you, “what are you doing for the marathon?” You tell them, “WE are going to the cheer station at mile 18.” And then #JustShowUp. You won’t regret it. It’ll be as epic as epic can be. And we’ll all go home that day feeling so grateful for how much better we made every single runner’s experience running the legendary, world-class, race-of-a-lifetime: the Boston Marathon.

Photos from Mile 18—November Project cheer station—at the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Are you as pumped as I am yet? If yes, get the hype building and spread the excitement. If not…keep showing up and get ready for the wave of awesomeness that is the Boston Marathon to take you over. It’s inspiring to watch and to take part in. It’s always surprising because we never, never know what the weather will offer. And it’s one of those experiences that once you have, you “get it” in a different way.

Let’s all light up this city with the best vibes of November Project and share all that with the incredible fire that is the Boston Marathon. It’s coming…

one more thing…

From the city of Boston, and the co-leaders of the NP community here, we would like to say a very heartfelt thank you and offer our gratitude for the 4.5 years of support, warmth, and opportunity that the partnership with The North Face has offered not only to our group here, but also to the global movement of November Project. Personally, I know I’ve only survived the winters and hundreds of hours of being outside at workouts over my years as a co-leader with the gear provided by TNF. We are, and I am, very grateful. Yet, our partnership and our “powered by The North Face” has come to an end. As BG writes today, “The shift comes with the most respect, love, and full transparency from The North Face. This is technically a breakup, but there were no hard feelings or less than positive chapters in our story – just a clean end of an era.” If you want to learn more, please read the whole blog offered by the leadership of NP, linked HERE. Thanks, BG, Bojan, and Laura, for stewarding the strong relationship with TNF, and thank you, TNF. Maybe it won’t be our tagline anymore, officially, but I hope we #neverstopexploring.

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