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Wisconsin Notes:
-Hills hard, stairs good
-Good Friday, pop up
-MEC Race #1, Sunday, April 14th

This morning was tough. We made y’all work HARD. Some new area opened back up, so we hit it up! We were able to run the Scotia bank stairs again, get on the wood bridge, and run that killer hill behind it. In the words of Yvette “as soon as Megan said it was her favourite circuit, I knew it was going to be incredibly hard and I was going to hate it” . That hill is a punisher, and you guys worked your butts off. Evan, John Hunt and Scott battled up the hill time after time, Jess was at Andrew’s heels pushing him to be faster, Jen ran up with intense focus and determination, Sarah Shimoji is still a speedy (and beautiful looking) sprinter even up hill. We also did a funny, strange, hardcore parkour warm up in the skate park. It was an excellent morning.

What a friggin’ gazelle.
John Hunt may have a 18 year old daughter who’s closer in age to you than he is, but he’ll still kick your ass on every hill sprint.

This morning we gave out some of the -51 badges. All y’all who were there that day are hardcore badasses and we wanted to reward you. “What if I wasn’t there today?! When can I get my badge?!” I dunno, I guess you’ll just have to show up and see! Mwahahahaha!

Rinat won the Shabooya, she been coming all winter long, and is always smiling and pushing and working hard. Rinat we’re glad you’re here.

Let’s go run together! MEC race #1 is Sunday, April 14th, $20, 5km/10km/21.1km options. I’ll be racing the 10km, I’d love some company. Let’s have another strong NP showing on the start line! Who’s in?! Manitoba Marathon is hosting Beer Runs again this year! The 1st of 3 is Thursday, May 16th, $45 gets you a shirt, a medal, a 5km run and a beer! I’ve already talked to a number of NPers who have signed up, you should join us! This event sold out last year, so get on it!

Good Friday we’re doing a hop up pop up, location TBD. We’re open to suggestions of a new location: Assiniboine Park, Birds Hill Park, Garbage Hill? Get at us in the comments on this blog, on Facebook, if you have a brilliant location for us!

By the time I publish this blog, the news will be public that November Project and the North Face will no longer be partners. Panic, freak out, call your Mom, everything will be different. JK, total jk, NP and TNF are leaving their partnership on great terms. And most importantly, nothing will change in Winnipeg on a week to week basis. We are still as committed as ever to giving you fun, free, weekly workouts. NP corporate will be releasing new information in the weeks to come (we don’t know any more than you – and if we did we wouldn’t be allowed to tell you- but actually, for real we know nothing). There will still be a summit for people from all cities to gather and grow the movement. (They’ll be announcing within a month I’d predict- but I know nothing, John Snow). We are looking at this glass half full and corporate assures us that the November Project movement is as strong as ever. For real, it’s gonna be regularly scheduled programming from us here in Winnipeg. (And if this change still stresses you out, you can talk it through with me at the workout).

Save the dates:
Thursday, May 30th PEG City Scramble IV- it’s gonna be better, weirder and more fun than ever.
June 5th, NP turns five, CHAMPAGNE BIRTHDAY!

Game of Thrones starts in 10 days!

Queen in the North, Megan Cora of the House Hunter

ps. If they kill off Daenerys this season, I may have to stop blogging forever, or come in costume, or stay home for 3 weeks in mourning, I really don’t know.

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