Signs that Winter has Ended (YEG)

Near the end of every winter, we get a warm spell, and most of us think that we haven’t made it through the winter just yet, and there is still a cold spell to come through. Are we so jaded that good weather seems to be too good to be true? Apparently that is the case. This year, we went from -30 to double digits and since then, we’ve been bracing for that last snow fall. Yes, I remember hearing that we were going to get a few centimetres of snow, but it never happened. I guess even the meteorologists (or are they weathermen and weatherwomen) were scared to declare winter over. Here are some other signs that winter is truly over:

  • People hang out longer after the workout.
  • You can see people smile instead of their faces being covered.
  • The gravel is gone from the sidewalk.
  • Hibernating faces return in the mornings.
  • There is light at the end of the workout.
  • There are more cars on the streets on your way to NP.
  • Someone other than Jen is willing to deal with waivers.
  • It takes people longer to gather for the photo. (PS. Jen’s gotta go to work, still)
  • Andrew wears something other than his green long sleeve.

I’m sure I’m missing some… what else?

Anyway, Monday we’ll be at the Legislature Grounds on a new spot.

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