Barkley Schmarkley (ORL)

Well, after a couple of blog tests, #angelface and I have determined that no one in our beautiful tribe reads these witty weekly posts that we publish. We are coming up on our 1 year leaderversary, and with all the fun we’ve had this year, I must say-(and I speak for myself) that I have stressed out about writing this blog, that nobody reads, on multiple occasions. So, with that being said, we are going to keep doing this blogging thing- who knows, maybe there’s someone we don’t know of, in the woods of Bangladesh, who looks forward to our witty weekly posts on what’s happening in Orlando. Maybe they couldn’t be there to give us a flower last week, or tell us the secret code phrase this week. Well, this one is for you, mystery reader. And, we’ll keep blogging as a way to keep track of what we did week to week and anything out of the ordinary that may have occurred at Harbor Park on Wednesday mornings.

This past Wednesday morning, we put our members through a rigorous training program comparable to the Barkley Marathons (workout inspired my our friends at NP Grand Rapids). We started with a license plate warm up and then instructed the tribe that the main workout would give them 30 minutes to complete as many rounds as they could starting with 40 reps of each exercise before running a lap and working their way to 30 reps, 20, 10 and 1 if they were strong enough to finish the challenge! It turns out that our course was not quite as difficult as Barkley, but a formidable challenge to all, regardless. A couple of people did, in fact, finish all five loops including our traverballer, Ben from Denver and Mr. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Bazzi. When they completed a lap, they were to find the dictionary and locate a word that best represented how they felt at that moment. They ripped that page out and kept it with them so they could look back and remember how ‘accomplished’ or ‘dynamic’ they felt in the early hours, after burpees for days, dipping and mountain climbing by a beautiful lakeside sunrise.

A moving cheer tunnel completed our mornings activity, and we determined that no one in Orlando has birthdays ever, besides Juli, who will have one every week, forever.




  • #npHW; #AprilisforAbs Find a link to your daily crunch homework here.
  • Thanks to The North Face for so generously supporting this grassroots movement over the past few years. Even though our partnership has officially ended, we’ll never stop exploring.
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