Running in circles [MTL]

In the past, I was suspicious of runners. Prior to my (now well documented) foray into running, I used to roll my eyes at people who told me they got an endorphin high from a run. The only thing I got was a cramp. I would watch runners stride out confidently, backs straight… chatting, thinking “how do they do it?” Thanks to supplementary activities, I was fit enough to do some running at my November Project workouts. I crowned myself the 5K Queen, because I had never felt the need to go further than that. However, when I became a leader, I knew I had to challenge myself to improve not only my physical capacity, but my community involvement.  read more

NP book club [MTL]

Raise your hand if you like reading! I’ll have to trust you’ve done this on account of this being a blog and I can’t see you as you read this. I love NP because it allows me to connect with people through my value for physical activity… but what do I connect with people about over post-workout lattes? My preferred topic is what I’m currently reading. read more

New in town – Guest blog [MTL]

It’s hard to believe that it was only 5 months ago that I moved across the country – to this vibrant city that is Montreal. 

Well, let’s be real, it didn’t seem so vibrant at that time. It was the dead of winter, and boy, was the harsh Quebec winter a lot for this Vancouverite to handle. Oh, and I had exactly zero friends! read more

Let spring happen [MTL]

On Monday it rained. On Tuesday it snowed. And on Wednesday… we worked out. 

The weather in Montreal has been temperamental to say the least, but our crew showed up to put in the work at the second hill workout of Apr-Hill this month. What’s Apr-Hill? It’s a clever pun that Laurent “borrowed” (re: stole) from NP LAX when he was down there for The Speed Project at the end of March. read more

NP-iversary – Guest blog [MTL]

Whaddup y’all, it’s your resident past NP MTL leader and present dancing workout hooligan. LC squared made the grave mistake of asking me to write a guest blog post and I know how much you all missed my rambles that were equal parts wordplay and sappiness so here we go.

This week’s flavour: CELEBRATION! read more


Hi, I’m LC, and sometimes I have a hard time getting motivated. Relatable?

I don’t wake up early every Wednesday because I’m motivated. I get up and struggle into my leggings to go workout because I am determined. I am determined to offer inclusive, fun, and challenging workouts for the rad people who show up to November Project each week. This might seem like semantics, but for me, determination beats motivation, and #science is on my side.  read more

A new round of applause for our big co-leader, Laurent! [MTL]

Wednesday morning was a good day, because we got to officially welcome one of the biggest champions for NP Montréal as an official co-lead. Laurent is as tall as his sense of humour is inappropriate. His unfathomably smart, enviously athletic, and he’s also a really nice person. How annoying. Just kidding, we’re actually incredibly lucky to have him in this role. Not only does he love the NP movement, he loves the NP Montréal community. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet his passion is going to positively impact all members (existing and eventual). His words below are a testament to that. Laurent, I’m so glad you’re here.
– LC
read more

Let's veg out – Guest blog [MTL]

I don’t know if it’s that spring is in the air, but I’ve been craving all things veggie, when usually I am craving all things cookie. It was over coffee after NP that our crew began swapping restaurant recommendations for the best veggie-fare in our city. Camilo shared that a plant-based diet fuelled his many activities. Personally, I can’t fathom living life without chicken fingers, but I can appreciate the way Camilo speaks about his experience. So for anyone who is veg-curious, I invite you to consider this one very fit dude’s experience.
LC read more

Workout jams that’ll make you jelly [MTL]

Welcome to the end of February. For race day, our champs Dora and Jemal set the pace around Place Jacques-Cartier. The glacial temperatures didn’t slow them down as they ran down that 30-minute clock. Congrats to everyone who came out and pushed themselves as the sun rose behind us!

In other news, up here in the deep north, we’re ready for some sunlight and spring temps, but alas, we’re a few weeks away from that just yet. Never fear! Our favourite Frenchman has created a CUSTOMIZED NP Montréal Spotify Playlist to keep the vibes high in March! Thank you, Laurent! read more

March around Montréal [MTL]

Get ready to March around Montréal next month (March [get it?!]) with November Project Montréal!

Spring is on the verge (we’re optimists over here) and we’re feelin’ spry! We want to meet new people and invite you and your friends to join us for workouts as we explore the city every Wednesday at 6:29 a.m.  read more