A new round of applause for our big co-leader, Laurent! [MTL]

Wednesday morning was a good day, because we got to officially welcome one of the biggest champions for NP Montréal as an official co-lead. Laurent is as tall as his sense of humour is inappropriate. His unfathomably smart, enviously athletic, and he’s also a really nice person. How annoying. Just kidding, we’re actually incredibly lucky to have him in this role. Not only does he love the NP movement, he loves the NP Montréal community. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet his passion is going to positively impact all members (existing and eventual). His words below are a testament to that. Laurent, I’m so glad you’re here.
– LC

It’s hard to put words on how thrilled I am to now be one of the co-leaders of NP Montréal!

NP has brought me so much over time: better cardio, stronger abs, a reduced fear of push-ups, a love for stairs, and – above all else – an incredible opportunity to have met the most amazing people Montréal has to offer at 6:29 a.m.!

I remember when my amazing friend Gary Chaw told me about November Project and the difference it had made for him in Seattle, a city he had just moved to and why I should definitely go check it out. “Why the name?” I must have asked, “We’re no longer in November, geez!” … Ah, those fun times of ignorance…

After Gary, came Sylvie Samson who did her part of insisting that I at least needed to try it! But even with these two pushing me, it took me about 4 months before I would finally #justshowup! Sure my hectic work schedule in the world of finance at first made it extremely hard for me to make the 6:29 am workouts, but, if I’m fully honest for a moment, I was also fighting those insecurities that I just wasn’t “strong enough”, “fit enough” and simply “good enough” to go!

How wrong I was to think that NP would ever be about those things; in fact it couldn’t matter less to anyone there! All they wanted was to give hugs/highfives and cheer me on?! Who the heck are these people?? …Well played NP, well played, I am proudly one of them now!

Seriously, wherever I’ve been, I have been amazed by the incredible diversity of excellent people NP can gather! People that are strong, caring, and inspiring in equal measure! Want to talk about colours? I hope you mean that can of spray paint, because it’s all that matters here!

So, to all of you out there that haven’t had a chance yet, set your alarm, email your boss that you might be a bit late, and come discover what we have in store for you each week! Everyone is welcome (even your dog), no matter your fitness level! And it’s always free!!

All that to say, I’m so glad to be able to give back to NP after all it brought to me! To LC, Derek, and Mila: thank you so much for all you brought to this dope group of folks that is November Project Montréal! I couldn’t be more excited to make my mark on this incredible adventure!

So here’s to many sleepless Tuesday nights and incredible Wednesday mornings! Ça va bien ? Bordel de putain de merde oui !!!

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