Is it over yet? (YEG)

Is it? Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Can I say the words? Will I jinx it? This is really tough. I feel like for the past week, the entire city has woken up and emerged from hibernation. Yes, we do this every year, but this year more than ever, I feel like we were all waiting to get outside. And here we are, in great weather, sliding on the icy sidewalks, and enjoying our city. Is this too good to be true? Today was great because emerging from hibernation also means that we had a bunch of people peak out to come sweat with us. I must say, if there as any more sand on that hill, we could have called it the Accidental Beach Remix.

Anyways, we’re going to try and reverse a ton of the negative effects from the 6 week long polar vortex that we had in Edmonton at our workout on Monday.

We’ll be in the southwest corner of the parking lot at Kingsway Mall.

Find the Good,

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