Totally buggin’ (ORL)

A small but mighty swarm of busy bees took on the inaugural bug ladder this morning (as the fresh dewdrops scared a few of our #weatherspoof friends away), and we all breathed new life into the first day of spring.

Who knew that a group flower pose was a thing? Our petals, pistils, and stamens were on full display (hm, that sounds weird) as we pretzeled our way through a quick warm-up stretch.

Then, a solitary grasshopper jump course led its way into… a partner spider crawl (with eight legs scurrying across the ground)… which turned into a bee sting triple hoistee (aka fidget spinners)… followed by a four-person inchworm (take that, early birds)… and capping off the circuit with some solid termite dips in groups of five!

Great effort and lots of fun this morning! Every week, we get to play around with the rest of the hive and spread all kinds of magical #positivitypollen through the rest of our Wednesdays. With this week being my five-year NPversary, I’m glad to have been able to be a part of this magical community for five years now.

Check out the facebook social page for details on runs, races, brunches, bike rides, swims, soirees, hikes, and other happenings in the world of our tribe!

*bonus points for all who have read this far: here’s some extra spice! For every flower that you bring to Dyani or #angelface at next week’s workout, your co-leaders will do one burpee!

(Limit 2 flowers per person)


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