Your Invitation to THE Bear Mountain Races

This is how excited we’ll be if you attend!

Listen up NP this is your official save the date for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series NY May 4th and May 5th (your actual invite was lost in the mail, condolences). This race series is hosted at Bear Mountain, on a picturesque spot on the Hudson River. For those who haven’t been or heard about this race series (*gasp*) here’s what you need to know.

The North Face puts on two days of epic races. Saturday’s races include a 50 miler, 50k (31 miles), marathon, and most importantly – the marathon relay, where four individuals each run a 10k (6.2 miles for those in the US) … always in costume (it’s pretty much mandatory). 

Post-race there will be a party back in Manhattan (because when is there not an afterparty) to watch the Kentucky Derby and to continue socializing. Sunday includes the half marathon, 10k (still 6.2 miles), and 5k (3.1 miles see metric is so much easier to figure out- why didn’t we make the switch?). Have kids? There are kids races on both Saturday and Sunday!

What to do when you’re not running? Eat food, drink beer, play games, or just hang out with all the cool people from November Project. There is also a “secret” zoo, well not a secret anymore, that is free to walk through. It has coyotes, a bald eagle, and as one would guess, bears on a mountain.

NYC and BK are calling out the new tribes: Providence, Newport, and Syracuse to come join the greater NP community for a weekend full of fun, races, and hanging out.

For those tribes who this isn’t their first bear rodeo, we hope to see you there. Looking at you Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, DC, Orlando, Philly, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Wooster. All are welcome! Canadian tribes please come down and teach us your metric ways.

Whether it’s your 49th trail race or your first, we invite YOU to #justshowup at Bear Mountain on May 4th and 5th.

Learn more, sign up here for races, the bus, or find somewhere to crash in NYC or Brooklyn here: NP ECSNY 2019

Code: NP20 gets you 20% off your race entry

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