November Project Wednesday

We were a little all over the place today. No jams. Small group photo. But great times had by all regardless. We sent one of our youngest members off to her first day of Pre-K today as she took on her very first day of school… in her whole life. Good luck little one.

5:30am Squad

6:30am Squad

Sunday evening will be our big Summer 2013 (FREE) yoga gathering. #NPYoga_5 will have a waiting list after the first 60 people RSVP so make sure to hustle as the link goes LIVE tomorrow at lunch time. You’ll see us post it via social media tools such as Facebooklet & Twitter-pot. Namaste yoga fans! We know we’ll see all of you Friday morning on top of Summit Ave’s summit.


This morning started with a burpee challenge so Laura could start tagging shirts before the workout. It was like watching a mom try and multi task with 70 kids…except she failed miserably at it. We partnered up for bear crawls, partner jumps and hill sprints, all of which will make for flattering photos. Just ask that guy who was patiently waiting for the sun to rise over the Tanner household and got stuck with 100 professional photos of sweaty humans crawling over the crest of the hill, charging right at his camera. The sun came out before noon today which ended the workout promptly at 7:11 so everyone could call in sick to work and head to the beach. Because that’s what people do in SF. Work Hard. Beach Hard.

There is officially a new leader in the house. Ted Gurman is now at the wheel of the speeding truck called NP MSN. More notes to come.

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  1. Love seeing all these tribes people in different cities!! Can’t wait for some DC photos!! 🙂


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