Boston, MA

Boston is where the story of November Project begins. In 2011, this is where founders of NP, Bojan and Brogan ran their first set of stairs, sprinted up their first hill, flipped their first black ace for 14 pushups, painted the first piece of #GrassrootsGear… this is where the movement was born. The community in Boston is strong, all these years later.

Show Up!

Come to one of the WORKOUTS listed below by day-of-week and see what the hype is all about. Please note and abide by the safety measures that are currently in place, due to Covid-19 and its variants: At this time, we do not have a mask requirement in place. We ask that you only attend workouts if you are feeling well and do not have symptoms known to be consistent with communicable diseases, including COVID-19. If you attend a workout and develop symptoms or test positive within 48 hours, please e-mail us at so that we can ensure the health and safety of our community members.

While we are a community that loves social connection (hugs are common), we are also asking everyone to refrain from hugging at workouts–using only fist bumps, high fives, or toe taps to make physical contact, if any contact is made. Read more detail about our safety expectations in this blog.

Quick links below for commonly-looked-for resources and questions answered:

The following are updated as of October 26, 2022.

MONDAYS: Destination Deck Workout. Strength + Cardio circuit @6:30am Eastern time

Join us for an in-person, group workout every Monday and experience fitness in different locations throughout the Boston/Brookline/Cambridge/Somerville area. Monday workouts rotate to a new spot each week and locations will be announced/posted the Monday prior (found on our Linktree, which can also be found in our Instagram bio). If you are able to make this a “destination workout” you are welcome to get yourself to the workout any way you like, including driving, biking, running, or walking. If you want more fitness and you have the time, plan your route and transport yourself back and forth from home to the location (or from whatever distance away you want to travel)! You need to sign the one-time waiver in order to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: we no longer hold Zoom workouts on Monday, but support November Project WWW (the virtual NP city), which may soon have workouts on Monday.

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WEDNESDAYS: (In-Person) Harvard Stadium Stairs @5:55am & @6:30am OR (Zoom) Strength + cardio circuit @6:30am

1. Show up to Harvard Stadium to climb stairs with the community. You need to sign the one-time waiver in order to attend.  Two distinct start times: 5:55am or 6:30am.

Please note that if you do park at any parking lot on Harvard property, such as the ones surrounding the stadium, you must pay for parking at the meter-boxes, even that early in the morning. There is free parking on some nearby local streets, and plenty in the nearby parking lot here.

Exact map location of the stadium is here, and we meet inside the stadium, at section 37.

2. Join NP_WWW (the virtual NP “city”) on Zoom for a strength + cardio circuit workout. (zoom workout link and follow them on Instagram @novemberprojectwww) OR join on Zoom and climb stairs from any set of stairs you can find!

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FRIDAYS: Summit Ave Hills @6:30am Eastern time

Meet at the top of Summit Ave (Brookline) at Corey Hill Outlook at 6:30am for a workout doing hill repeats. Movement at any speed: walking, jogging & running are all very welcome. You need to sign the one-time waiver in order to attend.  

Parking for Summit Ave is available on Beacon Street (meters free until 8am) or limited parking on Jordan Road. Please be mindful that the town of Brookline has a noise ordinance until 7am that we respectfully honor by keeping our voices down until that time.

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Workout Photos

And are you wondering where all those photos go that you see us taking at workouts? We regularly post 1-10 of them on our Instagram account shortly following each workout. And we post the full album of photos on our Facebook Page: November Project Boston. Each album is labeled by date, so if you’re looking for the photos from this morning or last week, you should be able to find them. Feel free to add tags to photos of you or people you know! And we don’t mind if you save or share photos of yourself, just credit @novemberprojectboston on FB, @novemberprojectbos on IG, or @nov_project_bos on Twitter.

Usually posted with photos is a Blog, which is a great way to stay updated and inspired about all things NP Boston. Look for that link, or you can always go to and read up on the NP Boston Blog.

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Grassroots Gear (Shirts tagged with “NOVEMBER PROJECT”)

Want some #GrassrootsGear? We do one day of tagging each month in Boston, on the last Wednesday of the month, in the stadium.  There is no “city tag” for Boston, as it is the original location.  If you are traverbaling, please take note!

Bring a shirt/top that is dry and any color except black to get tagged. We use only black spray paint, so the lighter/brighter your shirt, the more the crisp spray paint NOVEMBER PROJECT will stand out. It just won’t show up on a black shirt.

**Note that tagging in cold temperatures is not possible (because the spray paint freezes and won’t come out of the can!) so in cold/winter months, please check social media or send a message to to ask if there will be tagging.**

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NP Boston Social group

One way to easily connect with other members of NP Boston is through the Facebook group called “NP Boston Social.” The intention is to be able to communicate about getting to & from NP workouts, planning fitness, activities, or social gatherings outside of NP workouts, or organizing for races, NP social events, or other related things. (it’s NOT for selling things, to be used for fundraising requests, or as a housing communication forum –there’s a NP Boston housing group for that last one!)

Social Media Accounts

Contact us directly by email:

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23 Replies to “Boston, MA”

  1. HI!
    A bunch of members from NP in Boston donated metals to our students at the Ivy Street School so they could receive an award after their first ever 1.5 mile race. I’d love to send a thank you letter the students have signed, is there an address I can send along to?
    Thanks a bunch!
    Andrea Croak
    Manager of Special Events and Corporate Sponsorships

    1. Andrea, this is great! Come to the workout and present it in front of the whole group for a more powerful impact. See you soon!

  2. Hi All, I’m not a member but I was at Harvard stadium this morning with you all and found a sweet pair of Bose headphones. When I synced it up to my smart phone “Kelvin’s sound” showed on my screen. If you lost them let me know and I will get them back to you.

    1. Hey Evan, thanks for your message. Can you personal message me (I’m one of the Boston tribe leaders) so we can get those back to Kelvin, if you haven’t already connected with him somehow? Facebook: Emily Saul, Instagram: @emilysaulboston THANKS!

  3. I am trying to make a student documentary film about fitness in Boston and I would love to interview whoever I can. Is there any specific contact information that I can have to set up interviews?

    1. Best thing is to show up to a workout! 5:30 / 6:30 am Wednesdays at Harvard Stadium or Fridays at 6:29 am 🙂 at Corey Outlook Park in Brookline Mondays are Destination Deck and variable although this month they may have been set to one location – best to check the blog for all the details.

  4. Just read about the November Project in the book ‘What doesn’t kill us’ by Scott Carney, and fell in love with you guys. Am based in India (am 63years) but will definitely come and join the cosmic energy that you are creating! Best wishes!

  5. I read about the November Project in another city (it may have been the Minneapolis chapter) and it sounds like a great way to have fun in the cooler months and meet some new friends. Looks like the Boston chapter knows how to have a good time and keep things interesting.

  6. For Summit Ave. hills that start at 6:30 a.m., when do people usually wrap up? I have to leave by 7:05/7:10 a.m. to make it to work on time, so am I able to join for part of the workout? Thanks!

  7. I am writing about the rule at Harvard stadium to pass on the right- is there a reason for it? Passing on the left is universal, and sometimes people are tired and use the handrail on the right. I have noticed one person who yells at people if they do this, and I have even seen him touch and push people when he is coming down the stairs behind them. I’m concerned someone will get hurt, and also think that letting slow people stay to the right makes a lot more sense.

  8. Who else has signed up for the Malden half marathon on March 15? Looking for someone to run with in Medford/Malden area on Saturdays or Sunday

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