Blue in MSN, BOS Plans for Monday.

First off, if you’re in Boston and you were lucky enough to grab a hold of one of the 60 spots at #NP_Yoga5, congrats and we’ll see you on Sunday night. For the rest of the tribe, we look forward to seeing you on Monday…. at the…#DestinationDeck. Wear ALL WHITE on Monday. WHY? Because the workout will take place on a Tennis Court on Columbus Ave and people who place Tennis wear white (like dorks, sorry). Also, like a few workouts we’ve had in the past and exactly like the one today in MSN it will be all about the photos. WEAR WHITE. Think preppy, tennis, whitie-tighty, anything and everything WHITE. If you can bring a tennis ball (or 10) please bring that too.

Today in Boston we did “four full” up & over hills on Summit Ave. The added “spice” was that each repetition came with a nice dose of 10 burpees in the dusty soil. This made for a good time had by all. For those of you who completed the workout and raced it as hard as you could… fuck yeah.

Our friends in Madison rocked BLUE, like the Wisconsin flag, and got into their usual rhythm at the top of State Street. Ted Gurman completes his very first week as the leader of NP MSN and did it in style. Nice work Ted!

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