August #WeekendHomework

Last week we gave out the . Many entries that came in that made us pee, laugh, look away, and scratch out heads. The panel of judges that includes NP leaders, celebrities, a dog, a live baby, AND A LAMP, had a really hard job to come up with the finalist and winners. Check out the list of finalist below and the winners all the way at the bottom.

The Finalist:

What could be more serious than using your #GrassrootsGear as a lab coat while culturing cholera? by Meagan Kelly Bufano

John McEnroe Impression by Brando

Work Hard, Play Hard. NP is my lab safety coat. 3 Blue: Short exposure could cause serious temporary or moderate residual injury; 3 Red: Liquids and solids that can be ignited under almost all ambient temperature conditions; 2 Yellow: Undergoes violent chemical change at elevated temperatures and pressures, or may form explosive mixtures with water. ☣=Biological hazard. by Brian Klein

NP Chicken by Jess Colgan Snyder

Oysters, chardonnay, and #GrassrootsGear. Serious business. by Tori Carpenito

So then this happened.. #lockedout #breakingandentering #madmacgyverskills by Jess Lovelace

Riding the Wall St Charging Bull: funny. Almost getting arrested bc of it: serious. by Beckett Hart

The grassroots gear made it out on a NH golf course. I prefer the outdoors by Jeff Monk

Most Interesting Man in the World by Elin Flashman

#GrassrootsGear is #Weatherproof by Kosta

Getting Hair Done by Deniz

Welcome back college football! by Alexa Muhls

(hashtag) WeekendHomework complete (hashtag hashtag)
3rd place in marathon, Denmark (hashtag) Not funny…. (hashtag)
by Joachim Fentz

My @nov_project homework is done, kind of… Couldn’t get a #verbal out of her. by Andrew Ference

Applying for a marriage license, pretty serious business. by Emily Zilm

First annual November Project Father-Son dodge-ball game by John Vining

All I wanted to be was a bridesmaid but they said no. Orrin, heart broken. by Orrin Whalen

Danger Keep Out by Cynthia Staats

Rewriting my will – very serious. by Nina DeLuca

em>Moving by Katie Fithian

Getting Cheeky by Daisy Robinton

Very Serious #GrassrootsGear in Tanzania – Highest point of Africa

Two girls one shirt by Jessica Koerner

And The Winners:

Spiderman in #GrassrootsGear by James Buszkiewicz

Marisa Hill by Marisa Hill (for full effect click this link)

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  1. These pictures are absolutely spectacular!! Loved looking through them and love all the submissions! Keep this stuff up, very entertaining! 🙂

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