Just keep smiling.

Today in honor of May, we hosted a boyband themed workout. We made jokes about Lou Pearlman’s revenge, talked about the highs and lows of being in a boyband (or girlband, or coedband, or gender-fluid band). And as dialed in as we planned it, much like boyband careers and interband relationships, we came across some unexpected roadblocks and unforeseen circumstances…

November Project San Diego

Between rain, our selected venue being power-washed to hell, and getting moved out of our planned location, you all somehow managed to find your way, clear your own routes, and carry on the workout with massive smiles as if nothing had gone wrong. And THAT’S what makes NPSD so great.

November Project San Diego

You see, Shira and I do very little. Sure, we plan workouts, we lead bounces, we coordinate stuff and post on social media, but days like today remind us that the vibe, the excitement, the community is because of what the tribe brings. Without this tribe, Shira and I are just two weirdos standing in the rain singing Backstreet Boy lyrics by ourselves.

Take that into the world. It’s energy that you bring. And you get out what you put in. So keep smiling. It releases feel-good neurotransmitters and tells your body, “yo, shit is goooood.” And when it starts to rain on your parade, grab the rest of your boyband (or girlband, or coedband, or gender-fluid band), and just fucking dance it off.

November Project San Diego

You complete us, tribe. Be happy, San Diego.


  • MONDAYS in May – BEACHES! Stay locked into the tracker and on our socials for locations and details!
  • SUMMIT in September. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from other tribes and to recognize just how big and awesome this COMMUNITY is. We’re more than just a workout group. So grab a team, and sign up for the race – we get 20% off! Details here.
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