Wednesday Strong

In May we get a chance to wear sleeveless shirts and dust the pollen off of our sweaty shoulders. This morning we started off our May Recruitment Challenge with a bang! Several newbie friends came to see what all the hype is about, and we guilted a few of our OG favs out of bed again!  

We warmed up our race tired legs (so many GOOD races this weekend) with a handful of #Bojans in honor of hanging out with the boss this weekend. Around the world with a twist we went, because it really is better when you’re busting your ass on top of the mountain between hill repeats. The burner, more of a planking social, for sharing stories of why you #justshowup today and every Wednesday. Hardhat award went out to Dolo, a first timer & Co-leader inspirer & the Positivity Award got the hands of the always smiling Sarah. Our arms and legs are smokin and we are off to crush the rest of this week! 

Your Wednesday Memos:

  1. Lifenet share the love 5k this Saturday. Use “November18” for a discount and don’t forget to join the NPVB team. Event details on the FB page. 
  2. Night at the Aquarium: special event courtesy of tribe member Pete with Rose & Womble. Save the date for a mini family friendly workout and private access to the VB Aquarium on Thursday 5/17 6PM
  3. We surround our longtime friend Herb with lots of love after the passing of his father this past weekend. Service 5/11, details will be posted to the bulletin board. 
  4. Friday: Track Twists @ Great Neck Middle School 530A

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