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We found ourselves lucky enough to be in the stadium again this morning. What an experience it is. What a morning it was. To celebrate another glorious Wednesday, we thought we should share the best comments, moments and declarations that we heard, saw or eavesdropped in on.  

“I get to share my birthday with NP”

“I am still recovering from last week”

“My calves……”

“My legs are so shaky”

“That really sucked when I was doing it and I hated it, but now it feels great”

“Want to go get coffee?”

“It was my first time this morning, but definitely not my last”

“It’s so cool to be at the stadium”

“That person is fast”


And to all the other conversations that occurred, perhaps a little bit of cussing during that 4th round of sprints. Congrats to all those who completed 8, 9, 10, 13 sprints! We believe that those sprints were hard enough that we can break em down and discuss them a little or a lot.  Did you have a strategy? Did you just decide to go HAM the first couple times and hold on till the end? Did you rest long enough?


With last week being our first time in the stadium and for some the first time running stairs here are some takeaways and things to focus on for next week.


Q: Double stepping. What’s the deal? When does is it beneficial and when is it detrimental?

A: Some say.. Double stepping from the bottom of the stairs makes you move twice as fast, you’re covering double the amount of steps.  But double stepping all the way up will not get you to the top in sub 30 seconds. Break it up double step almost half way up before the the stairs become a little steeper and then move to single steps.  

Q: When should you double step going down?

A: Some say..That is up to the runner, shaker and mover.  Finding the right footing single stepping is hard enough and there is no rush to acquire this ability, as you have all summer to practice.  

Q: What’s easier going down or going up?

A: You’re probably thinking why is this question among the questions, but there is some validity as moving down the stairs at a quick pace is demanding.  It takes coordination and precision. And you must pay attention. That is key. Can you double step down? 

We’re talking about the sprinting. We’re talking about the way some of you switched from single stepping last week to trying out double stepping.  We’re talking about strategy this morning.

“It’s just stairs” so should there be a strategy? What’s the big deal about stairs? And the stadium? Do you need a strategy? Lots of talk going around- how can you complete just one more section next PR day? How many sprints did you get to today? Did you have anything left in the tank for the relay race? How fast can your legs recover to try it all again next week and push yourself to be stronger, breathe better, and JUST KEEP MOVING. We have the summer to figure it out, trial and error and figure out how your body will move best. Things to ponder on this beautiful spring day that started out with some awesome hard work.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time, your energy and your smiles with us.  


  1. It’s our BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK come celebrate with us. EXPECT the UNEXPECTED #justshowup coffee post workout for extra celebrations
  2. We are tagging next week. Get your gear ready #grassrootsgear Bring a light coloured shirt to be spray painted with “November Project” next week
  3. NP Buffs are $5-  talk to Liz and Lauren



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