Indy Mini Marathon Deets (IND)

May in Indy.  Boom!!  Spectacular start to a spectacular month that ends with the greatest spectacle in racing in the most spectacular city. And to make this month even better….May 2nd is officially Andrew Peterson Day in Indianapolis!!

Today’s Planter workout:

Half the group starts with an up and around, the other half goes to a planter and does sets of 15 dips, decline pushups, and sit-ups (with feet on the planters). The kicker is that there must be 3 people on a planter at all times, so once you finish your set of exercises, you don’t run until you get tapped out. Makes for some great chatter and empty promises.  Finish it off with a “hypeman-esque Burpee Chipper Burnout” and you have yourself a morning.

Mini Marathon Meat:

Looks like we’ve got a good number of people running in this year’s Mini!! Here is what you need to know:

  • Pre-race: Photo and Bounce with take place at 6:40am at the Bicentennial Plaza right next to the Statehouse. A little earlier than past years, but this allows those running the 5K to join in the fun as well as make sure that everybody can get staged, stretched out, and prepped for domination.
  • Not Racing? Come Cheer!!: The official NP/lululemon cheer station will be at Mile 11 (10th and Miley) to be exact.  Crystal Beth is bringing Long’s Donuts and word has it that the lulu crewlu will be bringing Chicken Minis…if that doesn’t get your ass out there then I don’t know what will!! So #justshowup and cheer on some awesome peeps and be a part of an iconic Indy event.
  • Post-Race: Immediately following the domination of all that is the Mini course, we will post up at the “N” in the family section of Military Park. After you stroll through the finish line food gauntlet, bring your banana over to the family section and we can all congratulate each other and compare blisters before heading over to Slippery Noodle for a little post run brunch action.
  • Don’t forget your tag!! Best way to ensure multiple high-fives, fuck yeas, and ass slaps is to sport the #grassrootsgear. We’re a team, y’all, let’s show it! There will likely be some faces with #grg that you don’t recognize from other cities! Give them some love!

Friday we will be at the Obelisk just NORTH of the War Memorial.  We promise showing up to Friday’s workout will NOT affect your Mini PR, so if you’re running Saturday…#justshowup on Friday too.

Congrats go out to Nick Nelson who was the winner of this month’s Race Day Cape by shedding over a minute off of his already speedy #raceday PR.

We love you…can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!!

I Like the Way you Move,

  • Shaw
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