I like frogs.

Did you know that frogs are amphibians? Did you know that I’m not going to write a long, meaningful, inspiring blog post about today because some of our friends already crushed it with this post and this post? Did you know that I’m going to share frog facts instead?

Frog Notes:

  • Frogs can live on the land and in the water. Like duck boats.
  • Frogs soak water through their skin instead of drinking it. Like how NPers absorb friendship through hugs instead of high fives.
  • Frogs never close their eyes. Like Capozzi, who sleeps between 0 and .4 hours per night
  • Frogs use their eyeballs to create a bulge that pushes food down their throats. Gross.
  • All of these are real actual facts.


Wisconsin Notes:

  • It was Frogman1 day.
  • Everyone was fast today.
  • It wasn’t raining, which was disappointing.
  • No one puked, except maybe some people who did puke very quietly and didn’t tell anyone.
  • Heather Cox won the Positivity Award. Make sure you get to know her. She tells funny poop jokes. She also tells funny non-poop jokes.
  • Summit Ave. Friday. 6:29am. Pre-game for your weekend the right way.


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