Take me out to the ball game (YWG)

Wisconsin notes:

  • Stairs for breakfast.
  • Steve (not Allan) gets a huge shout out for letting us in the Goldeyes stadium (Shaw Park).
  • Grey shirt Mike (not blue shirt Mike, sit back down) now has a new neon shirt for just given ‘er.
  • 200 by June 8th, let’s do it.


Well tribe, we went to bat for you again, and managed to homer another workout at Shaw Park. I think we were twice as many today as we were last time we were there, maybe even thrice as many. The early morning calm was disrupted by banshee screams and chest bumps, whistles and pushups, and grunts of glory as the tribe powered through section after section.


Here is a picture of Nigel flexing, Oliver strutting, and Lauren hurting.


Here’s a picture of one of my mother’s grade 12 students wondering what she got herself into by #justshowingup.




Here’s a picture of Milana before she trips and almost face plants. It’s a good thing I never do that.



Here’s a picture of some burpees on the concourse.


And here’s a picture of Rick struggling to hold the heavy stereo above his head. Look at those knees tremble.

Two really quick tribe members, the Bram sisters (Bailey and Shelby? Let me know if I butchered that) just gave’r and fired off 55 sections. Grey shirt Mike had a pretty good at bat too. So they all got new shirts. Here’s a picture of Rick handing them out.


Quick blog today, lots of pics, less words. Remember, MEC Race May 15th, 200 by June 8th, and we have another surprise pop-up workout in the works, we’ll keep you posted. This one will be sure to be a home run. Ehhhh…

Also, check out Tom’s sweet video we posted, his Boston accent is on point, as are his video editing skills.



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