Power of Purple, #LoveForLiana (LAX)

The power of purple.


It was a sign of coming together as a tribe and sending our hearts to one of our own from thousands of miles away. A giant scream of “WE LOVE YOU” because as much as we like to think so, our voices don’t carry beyond the immediate area that we occupy. But dammit, that’s never stopped us before, so we do whatever we can.

2016-05-04 (1)

So thank you, everyone, for coming out and crushing stairs in your purple. For bringing extra shirts in case someone didn’t catch the memo. For caring so deeply about your friend who’s absence is a giant fucking hole in our mornings. For bringing some extra fire to the bowl because we knew we needed it to burn a bit brighter for one of our own.

2016-05-04 (2)

We say that the tribe is strong a lot, but you prove it over and over. We love you, Liana. I can only hope this does that feeling some justice.

Do great, LA


FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Greek Theater 

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