Birthday Hats and Birthday Burpees (SD)

After this morning I think we can all agree on a few things:

  1. Everything is more fun when you are wearing a party hat.
  2. 27 sounds like a low number until you have to do 27 burpees.
  3. The Happy Birthday song is surprisingly short.
  4. That PR hill is still a bitch.

This morning you rolled out en masse to get in your routine Wednesday morning (or new routine, if today was your first day). A routine that involves hugging strangers, wearing party hats, sweating a lot, and getting perfectly good clothes spray painted – all before 7:30AM. It’s safe to say this isn’t what most consider a “normal” Wednesday morning. So why do you keep coming back? Sure, the workout is hard, but you really keep coming back for something else: the community. The feeling of being surrounded by “your people”, the feeling of positivity in the morning, of being supported and supporting others, and the feeling of celebration. Celebration of wins, of accomplishing something that is physically difficult, of celebrating your city, and of celebrating each other.

Today we celebrated Angelo. Today he turns 27. And he hates being the center of attention. So today we made him just that – and it was awesome!

I’m lucky enough to call Angelo not only my co-leader, but also my boyfriend. I could go on and on about him… but I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel by now.

Wish him a happy birthday today. And get out there and celebrate life, today and every day.

Non Birthday Stuff:

– This Monday and every Monday in May we are at Scripps Park/La Jolla Cove. Show up ON TIME and ready to put in some very scenic work.

– Next Friday, May 13th, is #NPYoga. It is free, it is at Milestone Running Shop, it is at 6:30AM. You must sign up ahead of time HERE

– Saturday, May 21st, we are doing another outside-of-normal-NP-times fun event. Meet at the Friendship Flame statue at the Convention Center stairs, wear your #grassrootsgear, and we will go for a run along the Embarcadero, have some fun, maybe recruit a few new people. 

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