Quest to #Endinjurygang (SF)

When we brought Zip on as a co-leader due to the high travel volume I was about to take on, I think people all had the same thought…”Yes, my biceps will be huuuuge.”

And then I never really left. Partly because Paddy hates running with the camera, partly because I am a control freak. But if there was one theme throughout my workouts over the years it is HEAVY ON THE ASS.


With injury gang growing due to an increase in mileage before building glute and core strength, I think we all have to take a step back and set a high goal for our tribe; eliminate injury gang.

That’s right, I said it. Injury gang needs to be abolished. It was started years ago when our girl Hilary Hayssen was in a boot and couldn’t run through Alamo Square. She would knock out hundreds of push ups and 5 minute planks. Unfortunately, over the past 3 years, people have suffered a number of injuries from stress fractures to piriformis syndrome and joined the ranks of injury gang. Originally a way for people to still involve themselves in NP while recovering from an injury, I am all for the good spirit behind the group. But I am not pro-injury, so I believe it’s time we educate and #endinjurygang.

  • Stop building your weekly mileage before your body is ready. You may feel amazing, but in 3 weeks it will catch up to you with a sore achilles or tibia fracture and you will come to NP and say “Yeah, it’s so weird. I was feeling great so I went for a 24 mile run with Paddy this weekend. Now I can’t walk.” Stop doing that.
  • Get your core work done. Planks, body weight glute exercises, theraband hip strengthening exercises and more planks. You don’t need to pick heavy things up just to put them back down to be strong. You also don’t have to do every workout every day. The three-a-days because you get workout FOMO is not good. Stop doing that.
  • Roll, Ice and Stretch. Roll all the things. Ice anything that is sore. Gently stretch after a run or hit up a yoga class. Often we wait until things are really tight before we begin working them out. Stop doing that.
  • Get Sleep. Laura goes to bed at 9:30 on Tuesday nights. Gil goes to bed at 3 AM. Stop doing that, Gil.
  • Don’t race until you are ready to race. I get it. We push #raceeverything at NP, but sometimes you have to cheergang it next to Braden in his white onesie and let your body rest. Racing on the road every weekend will tear your legs down and then you will be out for 2 months. Stop doing that.

While this is just the simplest advice, I hope it is a step in the right direction to #endinjurygang. The tribe is so much more fun when they are not a hobbling, sad, island of misfit toys. It was so great today to see so many people hammering out the workout today HEALTHY and STRONG. See you all Friday, kiddos.

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