Ohhhh Heather…

Oh dear Heather. It happened. You #verballed. You missed Monday, and it looked so fun, your FOMO lead you to verbal for today. I didn’t do it. YOU KNEW who you were texting. It was me, and while I will always want you and your better half (Sir. Dusty B) to come to NP, this time I looked, and no Heather, no Dustin!!

IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316

So what was it? Were you interviewing David Ortiz again!? Hanging with The Real Jeff Green? (Hey, didn’t HE used to come to? Let’s get his ass back to a workout, eh?)

1461195_10100142148994250_203596494_n 526494_10100136402904460_851532502_n

Maybe you were playing with your cats? Or canoeing across a parking lot with Hannah? The point is. There should be NO Space Cats left behind, and this morning one was. It was left behind in bed. It wasn’t fun.


We missed your smile, your costumes, your Dustin (don’t ever try to blame that beautiful musk-ox again), but most of all we missed your overall awesomeness. I hope it never happens again, because we missed you Heather!

Much Love,
– C. Payne

P. S. How do we get Hulk Hogan to come to a workout?!



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