Gettin’ shit done.

Today is a day for gettin’ shit done.

The short story is that every badass person who rolled out of bed and showed the hell up got what they came for this morning.  The workout was Robotman 3, which pushes even the fastest of the fast fuckers to race to finish before time runs out.  It’s three repeats of sections 37-19, circling back around through the bleachers behind between the repeats.  Did you get it done? Every section counts, so even if you didn’t “finish” all 57 sections, you got shit done.

Now record your score so you can remember your accomplishments today.  Get that shit done too.

Also announced at the workout was the news of the NP Buffs.  They are arriving in Boston this week and will be distributed to those who ordered them starting Friday. If you prepaid using Venmo, well done young grasshopper, you got that shit done and you can pick up your buff(s) from Ryan Komaiko on Friday 1/16.

If you haven’t paid yet…you know it, say it with me… get that shit done now.

If you insist on living in the stone age of cold hard cash, you can get your buffs after all three workouts next week, but only if you have cash in hand.

NP Team Worldtakeover is gettin’ shit done in Portland, OR today and Seattle, WA on Friday with pop-up workouts and that’s pretty cool.  See, we’re all making it happen.  This shit is good.

What other shit do you need to get done today?  What do you want to get done today?  Today is the day.  It’s all any of us have.  Don’t hesitate. The stadium teaches us amazing lessons, like “Just keep moving.  TURN AND GO.” Let today be the day to keep moving, and get shit done.  When you find yourself at the proverbial “bottom of the stairs” today, just turn and fucking go.

And with that, this shit is done.



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2 Replies to “Gettin’ shit done.”

  1. Hey guys!
    I’m going to be out of town for the next few weeks and my NP partner in crime can’t make it to next Wednesday’s workout to get our Buffs.  If we pre-paid for the Buffs will they be available to pick up on Wed the 28th workout?
    Thanks so much!!

    1. Christine – If you prepaid, I will hold onto them for you to pick up. Not sure which one of the four Christine’s that prepaid, but reach out to me (Ryan Komaiko) via Facebook and I’m sure we can work something out! Safe travels!

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