BOS: Get Buffs

Alright, all my lovely tribe mates who have waited diligently for more information on how to purchase your Buffs, the time is now upon us!


400m Version:

  • Buffs will arrive in January
  • $10 each
  • Pay for the ones you requested: Venmo $10 each to @Ryan-Komaiko


Marathon Version:

After coordinating with the other 15 tribes, and placing an order for a staggering 1,138 Buffs, we have finalized the purchase order with our supplier and are ready for the next phase of ordering process: PAYMENT. The expected delivery date of the Buffs in in January. As of right now, it could be anywhere between January 5th to the 25th; we’ll keep you updated with more information as we have it.

If you were one of the 286 Boston tribe members who successfully submitted the form, you will find your name on the attached list, along with the quantity allocated to you and the amount you owe. We were able to keep the costs down, and each Buff will come out to $10.

You ordered what?


We will be selling the Buffs in three specific waves. Please read carefully to ensure you are not surprised or miss out on getting your order!

Wave 1: Pre-selling via the Venmo app

Starting today, if you are on the list above, you can pre-purchase your Buff(s) via the Venmo App. Venmo is a service that provides an easy way for you to charge and pay your friends, bypassing the need for cash or checks. The reason we are choosing to use Venmo is because they charge no fees to either party assuming you link the payment to a bank account. Note: there is a nominal charge if you are using a credit card. If you pay via Venmo now, this will guarantee that you will receive your Buff(s) when they are in (i.e. we will work within reason to get you your Buff(s) at a workout). We will update the link above when we receive confirmation that your payment was received. The confirmation could take several hours, as it’s a manual process and we are only humans, after all, so please be patient!

Instructions on how to pay via Venmo can be found at the bottom of this post.

Wave 2: Cash payment at a workout

If you choose not to pay via Venmo, once the Buffs arrive we will announce three (3) consecutive workouts at which they will be available. You can come with cash in hand to purchase your allocated quantity of Buffs. This will happen at three (3) specific workouts only. If you cannot attend any of those three (3) workouts, or a friend cannot pay and pick up your Buff(s) for you during those three (3) workouts, you will forfeit your assured allocation. This is why we highly recommend that you pre-pay via Venmo if possible!

Wave 3: Remaining stock will be available, first come – first served

At the conclusion of the three (3) workouts mentioned above, any remaining Buffs will be available for purchase at a future workout on a first come, first served basis for any tribe members who have not already purchased a Buff. We will not be announcing which workout it will be ahead of time! The limit will be one per person, so keep $10 handy. NOTE: At this time, there is no guarantee we will have any extra inventory; however we want to be as transparent as possible on how this will work in case there are any.

If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to Ryan Komaiko, who is managing this process for the tribe.

Thanks and enjoy your #WeekendEarned!



How to send your payment via Venmo:

Step 1: Download the Venmo app and register your account and banking information. It will ask if you’d like to sync your friends; that’s up to you. It can integrate within Facebook and your contacts and bring in people you interact with.

Step 2: Open the main menu by pressing the three lines in the top left corner, then select “Search People.”

Step 3: Under See who’s on Venmo, select “From Everyone.”

Step 4: Search for “Ryan Komaiko” and select the profile that comes up.

Step 5: When the profile opens, select the “New” box to send a payment.

Note: Make sure the user name is “@Ryan-Komaiko”

Step 6: When the payment prompt opens, enter the payment amount for your quantity of Buffs in the top right corner. In the commentary section, please include that this for the NP Buffs, and include your Full Name and the e-mail address you used when you filled out the request form. This will be used to track orders and ensure we are able to identify who has properly paid. Finally, press Pay. It will ask you to “Tap to confirm payment” — tap this prompt, and the payment will be sent. That’s it!



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  1. Danielle – I know for a fact it works on Android as I’ve seen payments come in via the Android app. You can also access it via their website:

    Hope that works for you.

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