Portland & Seattle Pop-Up Workouts (1/14 & 1/16, 6:29AM)

We’ve had success in a few of our November Project Nomad & our Pop-Up Workouts over the past year. From London (UK) to Portland (Maine) to Portland (Oregon), people have come out by the dozens to get a taste of this fitness revolution first hand, as we host a one-time event in cities that don’t yet have NP tribes. Each time we come into a new city we’re always excited to find out who gets out of bed to join us. We’re proud to say that in 2015 we’re hoping to build tribes in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington as well as the many other cities who are currently pledging to create an NP in their city. So we’re hittin’ the road and will #JustShowUp to host a workout in each city this month. Get hyped, this is real.

If you’re an active, lazy, funny, fit, fast, fat, kind, thing, creative, charismatic, chill, simple, emotional, or all around good/ok person (or the many other versions of people we didn’t name), we hope you can make it out to one of these Northwest gatherings. If you’re still new to November Project, please view this and read this and you should be good to go.

Making connections with people who may step up and eventually pledge to lead these tribes locally would be icing on the cake for this kind of trip. For now, simply hosting a workout for all-levels of athleticism that people are energized to join is the main goal in both Portland & Seattle. Please help us in sharing this post, recruiting your friends/family/co-workers, and making these two Pop-Up workouts a total blast. Know anybody in the media in those cities? Hit them up too, we need all the hype we can get on this one.

Portland, Oregon
WEDNESDAY, January 14th (6:29AM – Don’t be late), We’ll gather at the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park (click here for map). This will be a rare one, as November Project Co-Founder Brogan Graham (pictured above, right), and November Project D.C. Co-Leader Danny Metcalf (left) combine powers to see once and for all, who is the loudest man on the planet. The workout will have you on your way with a handful of new friends all within 60 minutes. For those of you who are new to November Project, dress for the weather, come with an open mind, and give 100% in all that we ask of you. That’s it!

Rose Garden Best Best
Seattle, Washington
FRIDAY, January 16th
(6:29AM – Don’t be late), We’ll gather at the small fountain at the base of the Seattle Space Needle not the giant one that’s further away… just head right at the base of the Needle (click here for map). Find Brogan, or “BG,” standing tall in the signature yellow cap waiting to get going – Open with a hug, not a handshake. The workout will have you on your way with a handful of new friends all within 60 minutes. For those of you who are new to November Project, dress for the weather, come with an open mind, and give 100% in all that we ask of you. Plan on the best Friday morning of your 2015 life.

Space Needle From Below

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18 Replies to “Portland & Seattle Pop-Up Workouts (1/14 & 1/16, 6:29AM)”

  1. This falls squarely in the category of GOOD NEWS!!! I can’t wait to welcome you to this beautiful city while you welcome me to your NP world. See you 1/16!! (Apparently by typing that I just “verballed”…yes?)

  2. Thanks for hosting a FAN-you know what-TASTIC workout this morning. I thought sweaty bear hugs would be not the best…they were exactly the opposite. Hope we can get a tribe up and running in SEA soon!

  3. Hey,
    Incredibly grateful NP is coming to Portland, OR. I moved here from Boston six months ago and have sorely missed NP workouts. 
    Just wondering what the rough timeline for this is/when you think we could expect NP in PDX? 

    1. Elizabeth, have you heard of anything since February? Whether NP is going to be in Portland or something similar to NP in the meantime? I read about them like a year ago, but lived in Ohio until now.

  4. I have been looking for a group like this since I moved to Seattle! Exercise should be outdoors, social and above all FUN! I so hope it comes to fruition. How can we get updates about the development of the group? 

  5. What is the best way to keep track of a newly forming Seattle tribe? I know that someone has to lead a group for a year before the NP name can be used. I want to be in that group! 

  6. Lindsey – I am interested as well.  If there is a newly forming group in Seattle, how do I get connected?  Thanks!

    1. Randy!

      Lets make this happen…. I’m a Boston native and was all about that tribe life.  Moved to Seattle and found out they had an NP. Moved to Portland andd…..NOTHING. 

      lets make it happen… #NPPDX2015

  7. I’m excited that I get to squeeze in a NP workout while vacationing  in Portland. I haven’t been able to make it to the Harvard workouts because I no longer have a babysitter for that time. 

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