Sandwiches (BAL)

These past few weeks away gave me a valid excuse to eat In-N-Out as much as possible. As well as an excuse for those newbies who had no idea I existed in this world. But I’m back, pitches. And what was I welcomed back to? My oh-so-missed #NP_BAL tribe, 17°, and some bloody wonder bread sandwiches.

The English kind of bloody, not the bodily fluid kind. Re: Orrin.

We ate #sandwichesforbreakfast – two dry large pieces of stairs and light pole suicides as your bread, with your chipotle-style choices of burpee, lunge, and push-up meats. Your task: eat 3 sandwiches, each one with a different meat. Finish your 3 sandwiches with a nice heaping glass of water: more circuits. And yes, they were thoroughly delicious. Nothing compared to my animal style burger, but it’ll have to do.

Jazzy Jeff ate 7 2/3rds, but we are pretty sure he had an open faced sandwich somewhere in there. He did verbal for every Wed for the year. So there’s that. And that he won the positivity award this week! Obviously for his dry white bread sandwich consumption.

Thank you, tribe, for your texts and videos and far-away snuggles while I was galavanting around the west coast. This morning couldn’t have been a better reunion – with you, not the weather.


Valentine’s Day Cupid Undie Run

Today was literal – keep taking huge bites out of life.


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