The note from Caleb Daniloff, a.k.a. Ethan Bookman:

The gun has officially fired on this book project thingamajig and work is under way. I love and appreciate all the support and enthusiasm. Definitely makes solitary work feel, well, not so solitary. While BG, Bojan, and I are ultimately putting this thing together, it’s your story, too. Every tribe member has contributed to NP’s ever-growing narrative and we want that represented in the final product. So I’m working on an oral history that will hopefully offer a colorful, compelling ground-level view from around North America of this ridiculously singular movement. Our dude Tony DiPasquale has kindly created a simple submission form where you can enter your content for possible inclusion in the book. I’ve posed a bunch of questions. You don’t have respond to every single one, but neon stars for those who do. Be personal, be specific, be yourself. I’m looking to have all tribe material in by late February. Truckloads of thanks in advance.

Game on,

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