Shake the Limestone (IND)

Today the #NP_IND tribe celebrated our 1 Year Birthday with a DJ, doughnuts, champagne, butterfly kisses and face cupping. Oh, and we ran stairs, did burpee box jumps, v-sits, tricep-dips and planks. Totally #NovemberProject appropriate.

We had some newbies, who enjoyed the middle of the bounce. We also had some special guests: Ben from #NP_BOS, who flew in just for our 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY workout and Da’ Sarge—aka, my Dad; who was awarded the #PositivityAward. While he may not always understand my passion for November Project, he embraces it anyway and just showed up to see #NP_IND in action. Da’ Sarge dropped a #Verbal: when he’s all healed up from his recent bilateral total hip replacements, he will do the stairs with us. BOOM!

Every so often, once in a blue moon—aka three times a year so far…#NP_IND makes the groundskeeper at the War Memorial less than happy. He’s probably just envious that he’s heading into work while we have a blast working out. Not sure he appreciates our “Welcome to work!” cheers. No one has hugged him, everyone is afraid to, including me. And so, every so often, a tribe member calls me over and directs me toward the angry groundskeeper. First, it was chalk on the sidewalk back in April. Then, it was paint on the Memorial landing in October. Today he says, “You can’t shake it.” This guy is in need of some serious huggage, STAT! Someone hug this guy, better yet, I need a group hug over here, pronto, I think to myself as I ask, “Shake what, Sir?” Exasperated: “The limestone!” angry groundskeeper replies gesturing toward the War Memorial. Ohhh, right…you can’t shake the limestone. These sound waves from the DJ are intense. Well–whoops. #SorryNotSorry? “And you need to fill out a form.” He continues. Ohhh, right…a form. I think. “I apologize, Sir. I didn’t know.” I reply. “And you’re probably violating a noise ordinance.” Haha, right…there’s that. I explain, “This is a special occasion. We will be done in two minutes and we will turn the volume down.” Angry groundskeeper departs. Poor guy—just needs some hugs. And a couple of high fives. Probably needs to yell “Good Morning” and drop a well aimed F-Bomb all before 7am. He, like many, needs to #JustShowUp.

A massive and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every single tribe member. Thank you for showing up! Thank you for allowing me to make your Wednesday mornings just a little bit weird. Thank you for helping me take a group of strangers and transform them into a community. We would not be #NP_IND without YOU! This last year has been (fill in most spectacular adjective here) and I look forward to many more. Thank you to everyone who helped make this 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY workout possible: Kim, Jessie, Josh, Dan and Ben. And to ALL, thank you for my thoughtful November Project related birthday gifts–totally unexpected and much appreciated. XOXO.

Don’t forget:

  • Bop To The Top is Saturday! Come cheer on #NP_IND!
  • , get it done. Please and thank you.

See you next week! Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15am North Stairs


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6 Replies to “Shake the Limestone (IND)”

  1. Maybe you should understand what a sacred thing the War Memorial is/what it represents when you are having your crazy loud F-Bomb party on it.  I completely understand why the groundskeeper is annoyed. Show some respect. 

    1. I like to think that anyone who was part of any armed forces “family” would totally be proud of what we are doing, actually. We commit to each other, we support each other, we challenge and push each other, we have fun together, we have a mission, and we drop a lot of f-bombs doing it; doesn’t sound very different from any armed forces group I’ve ever heard of, come to think of it! 😉 
      We aren’t burning flags or protesting war on the steps of the memorial, we are participating in community–one that is welcoming, accepting, harmless, and quite a bit of fun. Come join us sometime, Joe! 

  2. Joe,

    Having recently returned from my second deployment to Afghanistan I can understand where you are coming from and respect your view.  I also know the person who founded this group and has worked hard to build this following and was excited to be celebrating their first official year along with those who have joined and take on the workouts early in the morning (kind of like morning PT in the military but with inspiration).  Please know that the person leading this charge is EXTREMELY appreciative of all those who have served and are currently serving and would never not be respectful of those who have worn the uniform, or gave the ultimate sacrifice.  

  3. Dear Joe,

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback. My name is Bobbie and I lead the November Project Indy tribe. NP is a community of former strangers that gather weekly to infuse human contact, fun and positivity into each other’s lives; all while we accidentally get fit/stay fit by running the steps. We offer an outlet for people to let their guard down, to get a little weird, to be a little inappropriate with the aforementioned F-bomb. Those F-bombs are not haphazard mind you; they are well aimed. They allow people a break from the daily appropriateness of life.
    We certainly mean no disrespect to the War Memorial, the groundskeeper(s), our Veterans or the nearby residents. My father, who is a Marine, came to the birthday workout. He beamed with pride and delight after the workout. NP is hard to understand from the outside. We invite you, warning: we will hug you, to join us. You know where to find us.


  4. i was in the Air Force, did my time service and i thank u for serving too joe, come join us sometimes and have lets drop the f-bomb together. 

  5. I think any veteran who served in any war would be proud of what we do every Wed. We get in a great workout, encourage each other, make friends, and help to build the community. If anything, it bring attention to the beautiful War Memorial. Positive Attention.

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