Class Is In Session!

by Nadim

Ok. Here’s the deal. Yes, it was cold here this morning, but this is only the beginning. Yes, winter is coming, but it is not here yet. Yes, the thermometer said 21 degrees, but that was in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Yes, we’re bad ass, but we’re not crazy just yet. 60 people showed up to the University of Alberta. It’s only fitting that it was for #destinationdeck since I spent most of my time there playing cards. For some, it was their final deck with the tribe for the deck a day challenge and proved to everyone that we’re not going anywhere. We gave a lesson on being #weatherproof. Class is dismissed.

Wednesday… we race… in costume… RG Stairs. 6am.

by Bojan

We finished our series with the visit to Tufts University. Similar to our Northern neighbors, the attendance was lower than usual due to the location, lower temperatures, and weekend packed with road races and marathons that kept some of the tribesman and tribesladies in bed for well deserved recovery. The ones that came out, had an opportunity to work on their core with 100 leg-throws and 100 pushups, followed by seven minutes of all out burpees also known as Sebastians. Today was a one year anniversary of official introduction of Sebastians. Fist time we did it, it rained slightly more than usual.

On Wednesday we’re racing 37 sections in costumes. Theme is scantily clad so get creative with this one. To add a spice please bring a tennis/lacrosse ball – trust me you wont regret it.

Example of Scantily Clad - Photo by Transworld Business

You have three more days to finish #deckaday October challenge. Happy Monday!

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