Daisy Robinton; The Mad Scientist Finds Community @Nov_Project

I’m proud to introduce to you a Boston tribe member who does many odd and interesting things with her days here in Boston. I’d love to think that November Project is the coolest thing she’s up to but I know that’s not the case. Get to know Daisy and you’ll have someone who will always greet you with a smile and train with you rain or shine. As we look into the coldest months of the year you can expect to see Daisy learning the rules of layering as this California native is attempting her first New England winter training/playing outside. Without anymore details or jabber, I proudly present to you… Daisy Robinton.

Day 1: Bleary-eyed and half-conscious, I grudgingly rolled out of bed and silently cursed myself for making a verbal the week before. Already I feared the public shaming of We Missed You…, and so I found myself fumbling with the laces of my sneakers while I shook off lingering images from my interrupted dreams.

As a graduate student in the sciences, my schedule – while full – doesn’t start at a specific time each day. Casually strolling in to lab around 10 a.m. was my norm. When I heard about November Project through my teammates at CrossFit I thought it sounded fun, but I initially dismissed it. There was NO WAY I was going to get up before 6:30 a.m. for anything, let along optional exercise. As far as I was concerned, being conscious before 8 a.m. was a crime.

Flash Forward 14 Months: come rain or shine my sneakers hit the pavement running with the rest of the NP crew before 8 AM, hell, before 6:30 AM!

What changed?

Long hours in the lab started taking their toll. Anyone who has spent time in a wet lab will tell you that for every 10 hours you spend at the bench, 9.5 of those hours will ultimately end up in a failed experiment. To balance out my perpetual failures, I took up CrossFit to maintain mental clarity, stay in shape, and make clear progress towards tangible goals – at least in one arena of my life!

Two years into my CrossFit training, the kool-aid started to wear off. I enjoyed the community and intensity of the culture, but the competition and politics began wearing me down physically and mentally. My training started feeling like a burden on top of the obstacles I faced in lab, and slowly I realized that the benefits no longer outweighed the cost. I needed a break, a change of pace.

That change arrived on a warm day in June as I made my way to the Harvard stadium at 6 a.m. The bitterness I felt for abandoning my warm bed at an ungodly hour melted away with the fog of sleep when I entered the stadium buzzing with hellos and hugs, high fives and positive vibes.

I was immediately swept up by the tribe’s fun spirit and fierce passion for fitness. As we kicked off our sprints with a resounding “FUCK YA,” I felt something activate inside me. Energy from the collective coursed through my body and I found myself involuntarily beaming as I sprinted up my first set of stairs. Later, after I’d recovered my breath and washed away the sweat from our exertions, that energy still radiated from me like a halo. I carried it with me through the rest of the day, and I knew I had found something worth waking up for.

Each person I have met at November Project has enriched my life and contributed to the inspiration I feel every time I show up. Each person who leaves their warm bed behind to join a morning NP workout session imparts energy to the momentum of the NP movement – momentum that flows into our personal and professional lives and keeps us going through the inevitable ups and downs. I am profoundly grateful for all of the NP members in Boston and around North America who have buoyed me up and inspired me to start my day at the crack of dawn with a sense of accomplishment. I never thought I’d be excited to get out of bed before the sun rolled out of hers. I never thought I’d look forward to early morning runs in the frigid cold, decks in soggy grass, and planks (or double/triple planks!) on the damp cement before breakfast. Now, sharing these moments with my NP family invigorates me. I am beyond grateful to all of you for showing up and contributing to the community. I can’t articulate how much I appreciate Brogan and Bojan’s tireless efforts in building this community, this MOVEMENT. They have held it down from day one, asking for nothing in return. Rain or shine they show up to motivate all of us. I’d like to formally say THANK YOU to B & B and the TRIBE, you have all changed my life and have helped me become not only a better athlete but a more resilient person.

I will see you at 6:29AM sharp tomorrow dressed our Halloween 2013 costume theme, and I hope I can inspire you in return!

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  1. Hear hear! I’ve never seen a group as welcoming and passionate (and FUN) as NP, so happy I found this community and so glad it’s growing!

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