The Tribe Does The Halloween Thing

by Nadim

Some special guests raced with us this morning. Spiderman and Superman came to “run” stairs, but I’m pretty sure that one of them flew, and the other swung his way to the top. Performance Enhancing Costumes? The lumberjacks showed up and made “friends” with the ballerinas and the Egyptian ice dancers. Is there even ice in Egypt? The skeletons, monsters, wolves, dinos and the people-with-lots-of-makeup-on chased everyone who wasn’t costumed as they ran for their lives. Thankfully, an elder norseman protected us all, including the cats, bunnies, wolves, and for some reason, the referees.

Racing times will be posted this evening. The belt this month goes to Canada’s newest Tennis Sensation (Billy) who completed 10 sets in 30:33 edging out the Running Water (Judy) by 2 seconds.

That was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Somehow the penguin left us and immediately swam over to our friends at NP SF to kiss a horse. WHAAATT???

The tribe is really strong (and also really creepy)!

Friday is a big day! Find out what the November Project Canada November Project is! Tell your friends, your family, your dog, your coworker, your boss, your creepy neighbor, and the creepy guy sitting next to you on the bus!

by Ted

The day got off to an incredible start when the DG/TG Unit managed to remember both the speakers and the iPod. Win. While the iPod lacked any charge, the energy of the group was nonetheless electric. The brave soldiers of sweat and love completed our second edition of Bascom and Get Some, a 20 minute do-as-much-as-you-can-without-puking-unless-you-simply-must workout. Sam Keepman broke his own loop record with dozens of NP faithfuls and newbs crushing it behind him. We then hugged. It was glorious.

by Laura

As I sit here eating Skittles for breakfast, I can’t help but reflect on how amazing the SF tribe is for not letting the mustache murder eyes get us down. Due to the impressiveness of everyone’s costumes, Don-Scott may or may not have been present at today’s workout.. Our new tribe leader, DAN CLAYTON, was introduced to the crew and got his ass handed to him on his first PR Wednesday. Job well done. Friday we are dressing in ninja black, donning head lamps and covered faces. Nick, when you came out of darkness dressed as Batman I almost soiled my pants so please share some pointers on how to maintain stealthiness with rest of the tribe.

Secret hill workout was revealed today, only to be communicated via word of mouth. Remember kids….cops come, everyone SCATTER. Much like getting chased by a bear, slowest man loses.

by Steve (the sexy one), and Danny (the “eh” one)

Spotted at the Lincoln Memorial: A 6 foot five inch (fine Edmonton, 1.98 [m]) hairy chested bumbled bee, an inflatable bull, superman, Lance Armstrong (didn’t bring EPO), a “We Missed You Candidate,” and 32 other #weatherproof racers. Oh, and these guys. DCA’s Halloween PR run was badass. We logged how many “Lincoln Logs” each of us can do in 40 minutes, setting the base PR to improve upon next month. A Lincoln Log is running the 87 steps from the Reflecting Pool up to the top of the Lincoln Memorial and back down. Georgetown’s triathlon team showed the F%$# up, drank a beer (5 o’clock somewhere), and won the race up to the man himself, Abe. Proud to be surrounded by such awesome people at 6:30 am in the Nations non-furloughed Capital. Next week: rock your college gear, and get ready to give some hugs. DCA OUT.

by Dan

Today Downtown Denver got hit with a November Project flash mob performing ‘8-Trax’ in the Amphitheater of Civic Center Park. Following a spirited warmup of homeless hopscotch, jump-and-say-your-name-jacks, and shuffle-shuffle-claps, the costumed tribe performed 26-minutes of figure-8s bounding up the amphitheater stairs. Roughly one-eighth the size of the mother tribe’s weekly Wednesday conquest, the Denver Tribe sweated right through their Halloween costumes and completed the workout with a familiar gasp of exhaustion and satisfaction. See official race results pictured on our facebook page.
Our costume winners were Liz and Aaron. Liz was our 300 Spartan hero, Gerard Butler, and Aaron was, well, a cow with an udder. Both went home with a custom, finger-painted, grassroots, NP-MI-HI ‘5280’ tagged November Project Tshirt. Truck Yeah!

by Jessie

What the hell is a PR? Puppies Running? Pretty Rings? Pirate Rum? All of the aforementioned definitions, while fabulous, don’t even come close to all the PERSONAL RECORDS the NP SD tribe blew up today. A rockstar group of old and new tribe members rolled up before dawn to tackle the Final Hump – and nobody puked! You’d think multiple rounds Running and Burpees, Running and Burpees followed by more Running and Burpees might slow this tribe down, but add on the Plank Challenge and you can tell this tribe’s tough as nails. Major props to Melissa on her 5 MINUTE plank, and she wasn’t even shaking! If we weren’t high enough on endorphins, we had our first official grassrootsgear tag session. Now we can represent NP in our own, ridiculous way! Happy Halloween to all you crazy mo’fos..silly hats only! Sorry, we’re not sorry!

by Bojan

Our Halloween workout party had a theme – scantily clad. Going totally against everything that I preached few days ago, we showed up in skimpy outfits and exposed booties while racing 37 sections of the stadium for the “Puppies Running” as they call them in San Diego or just simple PR here in BOS. Even though the temperatures were close to freezing, the tribe came out to represent! Award for the best “dressed” male, female and a couple goes to the Censured Squad. Well done friends, you may collect your award with BG.

Special thanks to Ian Nurse for providing tips on injury prevention, our guest DJ, Laura that rocked the concrete off the stairs with her audio setup, and our photographers that captured all the rocking booties in motion. Check out our facebook page for more photos from this morning! If you’re looking to spend your Halloween hanging out with your beers and drinking your friends, check out this charity Halloween auction event that may or may not offer a date with your favorite November Project Boston leaders. Gentleman, you know that we’re taken so this may be your only opportunity to get us out on a date.

Happy Wednesday!

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