The Man With 1,000 Names is #Weatherproof #GladURHere

Hello All! Ladies, gents, dogs, NP tourists, do-gooders, weatherproofers, etcetera. For those who do not know me I have been called “Paint Master”, “Joeykile”, and “Big20” under the brightly colored NP umbrella. Paint Master comes from overtaking the tagging operation from BG after we reached 300 plus members. Joeykile comes from people thinking I have two first names. And Big20 comes from climbing Summit Ave 20 times in one workout. Boom.

For the past 15 months I have been frequenting the stadium steps, blowing my sneaks out at Summit Ave, and staining my deck shirt with a mixture of grass, dirt, goose, and concrete.

Over that time I have seen the November Project animal grow, change, shimmy, electric slide, and moonwalk its way through Boston and across the North American continent, consuming all apathy and fitness procrastination in its path.

Even though NP has evolved from its humble beginnings, three things have not changed: 1) The hugs remain the same 2) The core trains just as hard 3) And elite and off-the-couchers sweat on the same steps. For me, just showing up to something has never meant so much.

For those who wake up at 5am wondering whether or not they should just show up—just do it. If it doesn’t mean much to you, it will mean a lot to the person sharing your hug and saying, “I’m glad you’re here.”

I’ll plan to see you on the top of Summit Ave tomorrow just before 6:28AM. Big20 out.

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