Happy Birthday To Us!

Two years, boys and girls… Two years of sweaty hugs, high-medium-and-low fives, F-bombs, dirty shirts, soggy butts, scraped shins, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. In last 730 days we managed to debunk the myth of the existence of a “morning person”, attract attention of local, national and international media, make it on the cover of one of the most prominent magazines on the planet, turn couch potatoes into marathoners, awkward shakers into huggers, help folks accomplish and exceed their fitness goals, see our members get engaged during the workout, and throw some serious parties…

We successfully persuaded our older brother that’s NP is cool and that he should start one in our home town of Madison, Wisconsin. He partnered up with a guy that owns at least one human baby. We sent a wild-gazelle racer to Uganda with boxes of donated shoes and #GrassrootsGear. Upon her return to Northern hemisphere she went on to start our first West Coast tribe in San Francisco.

One of our strongest recruiters and a part-time Twitter celebrities moved back to his home town to pursue a career on the oil rig and in the process started the most way-the-heck-up-North tribes to date. His older sister told him that he wasn’t doing good enough job so she took the reins and appointed Chinese/Indian-beer-hockey-league star to replace him. Edmonton was born.

We tricked a good looking Ironman triathlete to partner up with former Boston tribesman and an A cappella/beatbox/lyrics-database human-machine to start the tribe on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. No cops yet.

We shipped out one of our fastest Boston tribesman to Colorado and told him to devote his time to skiing, snowboarding, and pot. He didn’t listed to any of it but he started a Denver tribe.

Three neon-color-spandex-rocking ladies thought it would be a good idea to start the most #weatherproof tribe to date in the area with most severe weather conditions in North America. They were right, idea was good, and San Diego tribe is pushing strong.

We are in process of adding more tribes across the world and are hoping to have at least seven more by our 3rd Birthday – but lets not plan too far in advance. One week away is all that we can handle right now.

But the most important part is that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate this birthday without YOU – the tribe. Yeah we can send all the witty tweets, tag endless booties in Facebook photos, and tell the dumbest, lamest jokes to attract the crowds, but the reason that people come back is because of the vibe that all of YOU create. So happy 2nd Birthday to you too and here’s to another 200 more to come!

The tribe is 2. The tribe is strong.

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