Edmonton Does The Lazy Post & BOS Covers Nipples

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By Jen

Good morning November Project x7! Great job today for all of the November Project YEG early birds as @kelseyspohn perfectly described:

“@Nov_ProjectCAN the early bird gets the worm! Thanks to the #YEG tribe for this morning’s hill session!”

I think I’ll let more tweets from today’s hill session speak to the amazing morning we had…(ya…its having others do the work for me! But they do such a great job!!)

“Coyote ran alongside my bike for 100m or so this morning. Decided I was too lean for breakfast. Must be the @Nov_ProjectCAN workouts” @pwmartin

“EM hills and #deckaday all before 7 AM. I love Fridays. @Nov_ProjectCAN makes you #earnyourweekend. Come join us! It’s fun and it’s free!!!!” @David_Arsenault

“Sleep is totally overrated, just ask Emily Murphy!! @Nov_ProjectCAN #doneanddone #yeg #mindovermatter” @MinDhariwal

Way to go YEG tribe! You have earned your weekend!

Looking forward to an epic next week – #destinationdeck at U of A quad Monday…Halloween dress-up and month-end stair challenge Wednesday…November Project Canada’s November Project Announcement @ Emily Murphy hill Friday.

by Bojan

I will assume the role of everyone dad right now…

Some of out tribesman and thribesladies forgot this morning that 34 degrees (1 celsius for out Canadian friends) is only 2 degrees (1 degree for our Northern neighbors) off from that point where water turns from its liquid state into a harder more crystalized form also known as ice. Since human bodies are anywhere from 50%-70% made of water (depending on how long that morning peeing session was), any time you spend extended period of time without proper thermal insulation (clothing) you will eventually get really fucking cold. So please don’t be stupid because I know you’re not and put some layers on when working out. It’s easier to take off a shirt when you’re cold than to shiver like a leaf in your tiny little tanktop and shorts. We like you all and want to make sure that you don’t get sick or injured so please take care of yourself. If you need pointers on how to properly dress for winter, take some pointers from our friends in Edmonton.

Now the beautiful thing about being cold is that there is a lot of T.H.O.’s floating around. If you’re not familiar with the term T.H.O. please refer to points 2, 4, 5, 6, 7,.. of this article. To prevent T.H.O. from showing in our group photo we decided to cover those areas of our bodies as we don’t want to people to be self-conscious.

Speaking of self-conscious – we identified all our single ladies and single dudes because if you’re too shy to ask if someone is taken, we are not.

On Monday we’re finishing out the last Monday.edu session with a visit to Tufts University. For a lot of you this may be longer run than usual so plan accordingly. #WeekendEarned!

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