by Brogan “BG” Graham

Today we woke up in Boston and did a workout. We call this triple-beast the #RobotMan3. The 5:30AM group was killer and the 6:30AM group was killer-awesome. We had some birthdays (video below) and we had some company. The vibe this morning was different as we felt the fresh faces down in DC training with us and the other 5 tribes preparing to rise and shine.

NOVEMBER PROJECT JUST HOSTED A COMMUNITY BUILDING, BADASS, FUNNY, AND TOTALLY FREE WORKOUT IN 7 CITIES, INSIDE 4 TIME ZONES, AND IN TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND WE PLAN TO DO IT AGAIN EACH WEDNESDAY FOR THE NEXT TRILLION YEARS. Please read the workout descriptions below and see the real faces of the budding tribes (old & new) here in North America. If you have friends or family in those cities PLEASE jump on FB and direct your people to the respective pages for NP. This is world takeover. And with goosebumps even on the surface of my eyeballs I am forced to say… THE TRIBE IS STRONG.

by Dan Graham

NPMSNians were reminded today of what winter morning will feel like. Brisk, would be too gentle a term, it was downright Ultra-Brisk. Teddy G, ‘The Master’ gave the hardest workout in Madison History (We checked with the State Historical Society) called: Four Scores & 7. Cold calves warmed up quick – and as the sun rose over the isthmus the cold faded and sweat prevailed once again! Madison extends a warm, sweaty, extended-length hug to our 3 new brother-cities. Can’t wait to hear how the day was across the country!

by Fila(ura) McCloskey

In order to keep the peace in Alamo Square, NPSF took a field trip back to their old stomping grounds and sprinted out stairs at Kezar Stadium. Returning to our roots meant no fancy camera and lots of newbies. Last time we worked out at Kezar the numbers were in the 30’s, so it was a beautiful thing to see double the numbers busting out a solid pre-sunrise sweat session. Laura and Sam also completely forgot it was Ben’s birthday, so he didn’t get to wear the rainbow boa. Next time, Ben, next time. Next week we will be returning to Alamo, ADDING A FRIDAY HILL WORKOUT, and welcoming a new leader to the tribe. The tribe has never been stronger.

by Nadim

This is exactly what we did today. We ran up stairs, one at a time. Some of us, did two at a time. No one did 3. When we got to the top, we gave a bronze dude high five, then went back down and started all over again until the timekeeper told us we could stop. Then we took a picture.

Special thanks to the lighting crew who help setup and take down the lights this/every morning. Another huge thanks to MEC who provided us with the actual lights!

A big welcome to our 3 new cities/tribes out in San Diego, DC and Denver! 7 tribes, 2 countries, 1 love.

by Jessie

Gooood Morning! Wish we could say it was dark.. and rainy and cold… but it’s San Diego… so it was just dark. As the sun began to rise the neon tribe showed up in full force ready to rock! Starting hump day right with hugs and some politically incorrect sprinting, leader Lauren led the tribe in an ass-kicking, kick ass workout. We all left Kate Sessions today with abs of steel fit for Halloween costumes. We perfected the sexy school girl pose and sprinted like our favorite animals all before breakfast… and damn it feels good! PR workout next week – get yo asses there and set some goals! Lots of love to the new tribe members and all y’all who keep coming back for a little hump day action!

by Dan B

Today at November Project – Denver, we saw a shooting star. This star landed in City Park and was comprised of cousins, roommates, Mid-Westerners, New Englandahs, classmates, coworkers, and a master’s rowing champion. Our links to the homeland November Project tribe were instant ice breakers, and soon thereafter college rivals were airsquat fighting. Today’s workout in Denver’s City Park began with some warm-up “Ready Go’s” followed by generously timed circuits of burpees, bicycle crunches, squat hops, and lunges.

We suffered our first “We Missed You‘s” due to alarm failures and general ‘I don’t know what to wear on my hands”. The tribe honestly missed you all, and demand that you honor your #verbals next week. 7 City NP ♥ Love.

by Steve (OK looking) & Dan (the best looking Dan)

Our first official day and Ma Nature decides to test us. Good news is we’re #weatherproof and the tribe kept growing. The Lincoln Memorial was back open today, so we ran what we like to call Lincoln Loggers: From the reflecting pool to the top of the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial and back down. 20 “logs” (with scale back options) and between each “log,” we did 5 push-ups and 5 burpees. Next week, we race for PRs. We showed the F$%# up, it rained, we ran, we tagged, we made new friends and dropped more verbals, and then we went home. The Tribe Is Strong. Proud to be part of the tribe’s first ever #POWERFUL7.

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