Similar to #ALLMAYMON where we ventured into unfamiliar territories of our beautiful city, every Monday in October will be located in a close proximity to one of Boston’s high-education institutions in attempt to recruit more young minds that have tendency to stay close to their campus. We encourage students from all over Boston (Somerville and Medford) to come to all of these locations so they can experience what their colleagues from across town are all about. Feel free to support your school’s colors across your chest, head or a face. Essentially, this is a callout to which school can/will represent the best during the cooler temps this October.

Monday’s, for those of you who are new, you’ll need to wake up with enough time to run to these locations and arrive just before 6:30AM. We do a quick core workout (sometimes we add in “spice” to mix it up) and then you run home. Super easy, super basic. Your locations for “Monday.Edu” are as follows:

September 30 – Emerson College. We will meet in Boston Common by the piano (MAP). Piano in the park you may ask? Don’t worry, we know what we’re talking about.

October 7 – Boston College – We’ll meet at the repeat location of Cassidy Park (MAP) which is on the other side of Chestnut Hill reservoir. Remember you still have to run to the location, we’re not gonna meet outside of your dorm room.

October 14 – Northeastern University – Krentzman Quadrangle (MAP) – Run there! Do it! Do it!

October 21 – Boston University – BU Beach (MAP) – This is the house that Seth Pritikin built!

October 28 – Tufts University – Alumni Fields (MAP) – I double dog dare you to run there!

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  1. So sad Northeastern is on Columbus day 🙁 Going out of town with a few friends and we would have loved to represent our Alma Mater.

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