We See You and We Have Homework For You

Before we go into details we want to let everyone know that starting October 1st, the whole world will be assigned a month long homework. This homework is optional, but we promise you that if you fully complete it, you will be more badass version of yourself when November 1st rolls around. Here is your official November Project October Challenge.

Here is the breakdown of our Friday workouts:

by Jen Ference

We See YOU!

We saw YOU…sleeping in your bed all warm and cozy,
And now we see YOU…wishing you were on the hill with cheeks all rosy!
We saw YOU…pressing the snooze button thinking this is a test,
And now we see YOU…wishing you were pushing your limits and hitting your personal best!
We saw YOU…thinking there’s no way its too cold,
And now we see YOU…wishing you were only so bold!
You know who YOU are & we look forward to seeing YOU Monday (location below)!

Love, Your November Project Canada Tribe!

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Aside from world wide October Challenge, we have a lot of fun things planned out for the month of October. All the details are in our Madison only post. Our selfie from the post-workout didn’t work out but if you come next week we’ll take better and way cooler one.

by Bojan the Serbian

Unlike our northern brethren we’re not that good with rhyming unless it’s 2am on Saturday night, we’re 12 beers deep, and about to free-style-rap-battle some random dude/girl on the street corner. We’re just going to give a simple shout-out to our birthday girl Cece (if that’s even your real name), a Helping-Hand Award winner Dylan Lads, Positivity Award winner Malcolm Purington, and our dear friends from 88 Acres Rob and Nicole who stay up until wee hours so they can supply us with fresh and delicious snacks this morning. Their Kickstarter campaign is now live so please share and show your support.

Monday locations for the whole month of October will be based around Boston area colleges and universities. Find out details about our first location in this Monday.edu post. #WeekendEarned

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