MSN Team Challenge

November Project Madison is splitting the tribe and having October Team Challenge. The final competition will obviously be a costume contest, but there will be many hidden contests and surprises throughout the month.

Here are how the teams work:

Everyone that ran the PR challenge on Wednesday has been put on a team. Everyone else, whether they have been to a November Project workout before has not been assigned to a team. Those people fall into three categories and will be assigned to their team in the following ways:
1) Athletes who have been to a workout in the past – will be ‘sorted’ onto a team when they return for a workout.
2) Athletes who have never been to a workout but just show up on their own, ‘True Rookies’ will be sorted randomly as well.
3) Athletes that have been recruited by someone already on a team will be added to that team, thus we have thrown down the first and biggest contest of the month…

Recruiting Challenge!

The team that ends the month with the most members has won the Challenge, so bring your friends, your family, your enemies, strangers or congressmen. They all count. The reason that this recruiting is important is that we that have been there consistently, have seen a real value in it. Physically, emotionally and socially.

Get Up. Get your friends up. Get to the work out. It’s better than sleep. I promise.

Here’s your starting teams:

Team Teddy
Emilie McCullough
Joy Bjorklund
Laura Schott
Courtney Johnson
Ben Wurl-Koth
Dave Wargowski
Rebecca Gilbert
Jeff Mack
Stina S
Allison Pfaff
Kevin Hubbard
Craig Igl
Gabby Waclawik
Lindsay Carlson
Adam Sentori
Jeff Lowe
Lee Schwartz
Nicole Martin
Brett Hagen
Laura Miller
Sam Keepman
Kelly Nawrocki
Lisa Anderson
Sara Jimenez
Jeff Mack
Kelsey Johnson
Kathy Acher
Polly Westmont
Gabriel Cranley
Kelley Flury
Soumya Palreaddy
Team DG
Kristi Jamieson
Nancy Bauch
Liz Munchoff
Leah Von Oss
Christin Fukada
Jade Fea
Ryan Harrison
Lori Wargowski
Suzie Strachota
Joseph Halaas
Brian Hildebrand
Emily Schabe
Grace Miller
Ruby Martin
Brian Purtell
Jeff Morris
Pat Bauch
Joe Docter
Mark Pan
Dan Kennelly
Kristi Johnson
Mary Yoder
Melanie Satmerjohn
Lori Becker
Soren Hughes
Steve Fons
Kevin Williams
Colin Harari
Tom Pedersen
Kristina Lenz
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