When Life Gives You Sandy, You do a Sebastian

Hurricane Sandy is creating havoc up and down the East Coast but the November Project™ tribe being #weatherproof is not taking notice. This morning we met at the canoe dock down by the Charles River for a #DestinationDock but our plan to do deck of cards was slightly derailed by high winds as cards and wind don’t play all that well. So we did a “Sebastian”. We were muddy, our shoes were wet, but we were smiling and high5ing the whole time. You missed a good one. Due to wet conditions we didn’t have signup sheets but you should record your score from this morning so you can track your future progress.

What does it mean to do a “Sebastian”? It’s a 7 minute maximum burpee challenge that we will be doing throughout the winter to test our core strength and endurance. Remember your score from this morning as we will look to top it off next time we do this workout.

So why “Sebastian”, you might ask?

We named this challenge after one of our core members Sebastian Buhaley. This dude stands for everything that November Project™ is all about – commitment, hard work, spreading sunshine, recruiting new members and leading by example. Oh and he’s pretty bad-ass… Yeah, he broke his arm 4 weeks ago but somehow still managed to show up and complete workouts that were using that broken, probably very painful arm. We love having Sebastian around and we couldn’t think of a better person to name this workout after. We hope that his arm heals quickly so he can rejoin our tribe soon.

On Wednesday at 6:30am, we’re running stadium in capes and feathers. You should too…

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3 Replies to “When Life Gives You Sandy, You do a Sebastian”

  1. Muddy and smiling, with somewhere around 65 burpees. And I typically hate burpees more than anything, but something about doing them in the dark in the mud (or #goosepoop?) with a group of truly committed people for the 7 minutes that seemed like 45 was actually fun.

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