“Capes & Feathers.” NP’s Halloween Racing Theme.

This Halloween you’ll #Rise&Shine to find the most colorful, funny, fun, weird, and ready to race tribe of Bostonians gathering at the bottom of section 37 at Harvard’s famous football stadium. Yes, folks “Capes & Feathers” will be the theme of our 2012 Halloween Race Day. We’ll race for PR_Pizza’s up the seats and down the steps in all of the 37 sections that make up the tour.

“Capes & Feathers” will be the basic theme that gives your tribe a certain look while remaining VERY open to creative freedom. Want to add in a viking helmet for speed? Perfect. Want to sexy up your little number (Gilroy Style)? Simply leave more fabric on the cutting room floor. All you need to do is have a cape (required) and some amount of feathers (required). Now you may be thinking, “But NP Founding Fathers, what if I don’t have time to wake up and put on my costume before the workout?” Most of you know at this point that we are not really into folks who are 50% in. Get down, plan ahead, prepare to WOW and arrive caped & feathered as if you could win some awesome prizes that day by being voted “best dressed” by your fellow tribe members.

Top Male & Female Costumes: FREE New Balance Running Shoes. Votes counted in total number of LIKES in our FB album called, what else, “Capes & Feathers Costume Contest.”

Best Group Costume: Gift Cards to Landry’s Bike Shop (Must have three or more matching or theme-within-the-theme costumes to be considered for the group award.

#PR_Pizza: Anyone who posts their fastest personal time over 37 sections will get a pizza from Stone Hearth Pizza. They also may have some amazingly awesome breakfast treats at the November Project™ Social Club (above section #1) for after the workout… but you’ll have to race there to find out.

Combination Cape Of Feathers: Scout’s Sewing Merit Badge & further requirement to get out and socialize with the tribe more – too much time on your hands.

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