October Challenge; A Deck A Day (#deckaday)

Here is the challenge…

Complete a full “deck of cards” each day throughout the entire month of October, every single day, 7 days each week. This will get your guts and limbs ready for November and the many odd events/stunts that you can expect coming as we celebrate our 2 year birthday.

RULES: #deckaday is the classic deck with no substitutes or variation. Each black card represents the number of push-ups you need to complete (2-10, Jack 11, Queen 12, King 13, Ace 14 reps). Each red card is that number of sit-ups (2-10, Jack 11, Queen 12, King 13, Ace 14 reps). Shuffle the deck, lay it face down, flip one card over at a time, work your way through the whole deck, and then head directly to your social media tools to check in and report. Your form must be spot on for this to count – push-ups with knees on the ground DO count and are respected far more than dudes or gals who do 1/4 pushups and/or terrible booty-sagging/piking form. However try to do as many as you can without dropping down to your knees. Sit-ups are pretty clear… sit up while keeping your arms crossed over your chest or with your hands behind your head (see photo above).

POST YOUR DECK: We don’t need to see fast times but we do need you to post your total deck time along with the hashtag “#deckaday.” Please Tweet this out to your respective tribe handles (@Nov_Project_MSN, @Nov_ProjectCAN, @Nov_Project_SF or @Nov_Project for those who are roaming fans of NP. If you are FB only, please go to your city’s FB wall (MSN, YEG, SF, BOS) to post your result along with #deckaday. If you’re abroad and don’t have a specific tribe you should jump on the mother-ship (BOS). Just make it consistent for all of October by choosing one social media outlet and don’t forget #deckaday.

The challenge will be hard for most of us because of the need to carve this 15-30something minute block out of each day on our own. In that time you’ll have no tribe watching you flip through the cards, no verbal motivation or daily schedule, its just you, your deck, and your road to improvement. Also, keep in mind, this is not an out for the Monday gathering. Don’t report your deck thinking that your #deckaday is equal to showing up at NP… it’s icing on hug-cake… and icing is fucking good… but only on cake… confused? Me too. Goal: To be able to easily complete the deck by the end of the month with great form. Also, seeing a quicker time and a more active, firm, and sexually dripping core can be a side-goal.

You have a few days to decide. It begins October 1st in all four cities. Don’t miss out on #deckaday. The tribe is strong.

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9 Replies to “October Challenge; A Deck A Day (#deckaday)”

  1. IF we do a deck on Monday for the workout you’re all set. If we chase around like the beasts that we have been 4/6 of the last Mondays then you’ll need to deck it up.

  2. I suppose doing serious weight lifting can’t be a stand in on those days? (ie, squat->push press (55-60lbs), step ups (holding 30-35 pound dumbbells), push ups, bulgarian split squats, deadlifts, etc) Guess that means I’ll have to do the deck after! This could certainly be a fun challenge.

  3. Did the first two days without posting. Haven’t yet done a full deck (thanks, weak shoulders!) but I’ll get there by the end of ROCKTOBER.

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